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If you’re new to all

If you’re new to all this hentai stuff, please allow me to quote a relatively popular guide for lost travellers:
I wrote a hentai glossary, that should help, I hope
Maybe you are new to erotic Japanese comics, so if that’s the case, you’ll be flooded with weird incomprehensible words. Or, hard-boiled as you are, you don’t dare to ask “what the hell does that mean, yaoi BSDM furry, for heaven’s sake?”
My two cents: a small explanation.
– Hentai: basically, in Japanese that means “something with sexual content”, stands like a synonym for “perverted”, today that refers to Japanese-style erotic works drawn by hand or with a computer, displayed on video or on a paper.
– Mangaka: the artist that draws mangas.
– Manga: any drawn and printed work, you would call that a comic in the western world.
I’ll try to address a frequent confusion. Anything drawn and printed is a manga, but a small subcategory of mangas, amateur booklets published outside of the professional circuit, are called doujinshi. To make it worse, “doujinshi” also refer to parodies of existing series (games, anime, whatever). Which leads us to the two following definitions:
– Original manga: to keep my sanity with my daily hentai shares, I’ve decided to cleanly separate original mangas, and doujinshi: don’t bug me, I know it’s more complicated (cf above)
An original manga is a manga that isn’t inspired from anything else, that is a real original creation. Technically, as a manga it’s anything that has been printed on paper, either a professionally produced full volume, or a small amateur work . But if I add “original” it will mean “an original story” as opposed to a parody of something else, even if it’s published in compilation magazines.
– Doujinshi: On hentairules.net, that means a hentai manga that is drawn to imitate something already known, like a TV series, or another manga (Dragon Ball, anything), or an anime. To be super-strict, originally a doujinshi is a non-professional, non-commercially printed booklet. So, yeah, there are two meanings. To make things more simple, on Hentairules, if it’s not a parody of something already known I call it a manga, and if it’s a parody I call it a doujinshi.
I used to write “doujin” instead of “doujinshi”. My mistake!
– Anime: a video Japanese cartoon (hentai or not). For instance, Card Captor Sakura can be seen in manga (paper comic books) and as an anime TV (cartoon).
– CG, Computer Graphics: most hentai works are drawn by hand, or mainly rely on hand work, even if photoshop helps, even if it’s on a drawing tablet, even if they’re digitalized in the end. But the japanese are fond of hentai games, with totally computer-made pictures. Those hentai computer-generated pictures are ripped off the games to become CG pictures.
– Ecchi (letter H pronounced in Japanese): softcore hentai content. Also refers to “in a sexual mood”: «you’re so H»
– Yaoi: gay hentai content, softcore or not.
– Yuri: female homosexual (lesbian) content, softcore or not.
– Futanari: girls with a dick, also called dickgirls. That is rather popular in japanese comics, it seems many readers find that exciting. Definitely not my cup of tea, personally. I’d recommend you read that discussion about “real” dickgirls, that’s interesting!
– Loli, Lolicon: underage girls in hentai relations. The Japanese seem to be immune to some taboos, and interest in underage girls seems to be one of those. Personally, makes me want to puke that it exists, but nobody decides his or her tastes, and I’ve grown past the need to judge people. If you are a lolicon lover, this is entirely your right (you could even masturbate to photos of George W Bush, as long as this is private: nobody cares), just bear with my occasional attempts to troll you hard.
– Bakunyuu: Japanese term for Big Breasts. Which makes great hentai
– Paizuri: would the term “titfuck” be more familiar?
I must confess I’ve never had sex with a woman having breasts large enough to perform paizuri on me, so this is a GIGANTIC fetish of mine. And my wife (yes: I’m in a long term relationship) having breasts too small for that, I don’t stand many chances to ever know how it feels T_T
– Shotacon, Shota: same as loli, but with underage boys. I’m sometimes slightly more tolerant when it’s borderline and not full shota, because boys can’t have sex unless they agree to this body and soul (meaning: getting an erection). Apparently the adult Japanese women are told be have a fetish for cute young boys (I wonder if that’s true? Would anyone know?)
— Censorship: Japanese law prohibits porn and showing genitalia. This is why the hentai mangas are so different from western porn comics, the drawers were forced to learn how to make a drawing attractive and exciting without revealing a wide open vagina, a giant dick or even a pubis. That is why female hentai girls can be so exciting even with half of their clothes on, their body is beautifully drawn, their position is exciting, the art of suggestion and the art of placing the reader (“the camera” for the point of view) in the fucker’s position is perfectly managed.
Until (approximately) 2013 the level of censorship dropped lower and lower, when a crackdown by the police on a hentai publisher (RIP Megastore) led to a sudden “explosion” of much stronger censorship, again. We must take into account the fact that porn is still technically illegal in Japan. The authorities will let it slide if you censor it, but they don’t have to. At all: there’s no precise definition of obscenity in Japanese law, so it’s up to the police to decide when to act arbitrarily. This is a delicate balance, with much being discussed and negotiated behind the scene.
I encourage you to read HypnoPhag’s comment on that page.
– Tentacles: one of the fantasies I hate most, even if it IS handy: when you can’t represent a dick, you are allowed to represent tentacles. Japanese legislators can’t think of everything, can they?
– OL, Office Lady: Japanese women who work in company offices wear very strict clothes, sometimes a company uniform or else “business clothes”, not very sexy but always rather fitting, with stockings. 90% of Japanese men dream of ripping apart these clothes before proceeding to the next step. 0.0x% of these men will finally do that, but their consolation is to grope the asses of the OLs in the overpopulated trains and metros (more info). OLs are reputed for not daring to defend themselves, and suffer humiliation in silence.
– Incest: the most successful theme EVER in hentai. The stats don’t lie, every of my posts with “incest” in the title will be watched and downloaded 50% more than the rest of my uploads. (Update 5 years after this entry was first written: incest is now much less popular than it used to be, surprisingly O_o)
I don’t know what makes people love this theme, since I don’t feel interest for this myself, I can only make some simple observations and suppositions. About mother incest, 90% of the mothers in incest mangas make the first step and almost push their boys into doing it. About sister incest, 90% of the sisters are depicted as almost braindead stupid chicks devoured by a desire their lack of brains won’t allow them to satisfy correctly.
Fill in the gaps, that addresses the two main problems for the average internet-using teenager, Japanese or Occidental. That is: the lack of experience and the difficulty to find a girl who would be willing to have sex with a random nerd sitting in front of his monitor instead of having social relations.
– Guro: not all hentai is beautiful and sane. There are freaks who will enjoy seeing torn bodies, extreme sadistic behaviour, blood, internal organs that shouldn’t have been exposed to the outside. That is “guro”, not related to grotesque in any way, even if that’s the origin of the word. You want an example? “Death Panda” is a manga in which a panda-monster kills women, dismembers their bodies and rapes the body parts. Ew.
– Scenario: atomic physicians desperately try to find if photons have a mass or not. Hentai readers are roughly in the same questioning position when they read translated hentai works, only they don’t care about quantum physics but about the existence of a real scenario behind the fuck scenes.
You will sometimes find a real scenario, nothing is impossible. You will even find sometimes a scenario in an incest-based hentai manga: really, nothing is impossible.
– Rape (hentai rape): this is when a girl makes her best to hide she totally enjoys being fucked without permission. Please, do NOT make the confusion with real life rape, in which an asshole deserving ablation of the balls destroys the life and psyche of a woman in exchange of a 5 seconds long orgasm: hentai rape only exists in hentai comics and videos. Here’s an illustration picture (source).
The artist Black Dog is a specialist of hentai rape, for instance.
– Tsundere: oh sweet hentai goodness! Tsundere refers to girls with a violent, irritable and ready-to-explode character, who will suddenly become soft, sweet, and incredibly cute. That’s one of the key ingredients to easily create a pleasant and funny hentai scenario.
– Yandere: in hentai mangas, this term refers to mentally unbalanced girls who are crazy (literally speaking) for sex with another precise person. They’re potentially violent, unpredictable, but incredibly passionate when they have sex. This is scary, fascinating, and super hot.
You may appreciate a graphical yandere-tsundere disambiguation.
For the record, the most yandere character I ever saw in a non-adult manga would be Yuno Gasai, from Mirai Nikki.
– Meganekko: a girl wearing glasses. Hot by principle. Also written Megane, if there’s a difference, I’m not awesome enough to know.
– Nekomimi: basically, a Japanese-style catgirl. That implies cat ears, a weirdly bent wrist, and telling “nya” (Japan’s “meow”) from times to times. Hot by principle.
Appropriate quotation: « There’s nothing more beautiful than the love between a man and a catgirl. Unless she’s also an android. » (by Maxchain – source)
– Tankoubon (as opposed to Magazines): this term refers to a full manga as you can buy it anywhere, with good paperback quality and good printed pictures, as opposed to low quality magazine prepublications.
Just in case you don’t know the Japanese market: there are several hentai and non-hentai manga magazines, in which artists publish one-chapter-long stories of all sorts. Their paper is thin, their censorship mostly heavy, and their printing quality is average in the best case. The artists meeting the readers’ expectations (there are customer polls) are welcome to come back in the next issues and their serialization may start or not end up axed without warning. In non-hentai mangas it will be a series with an actual scenario and all, however that bit is a lot rarer in hentai. After enough chapters are published, the popular artists can publish a tankoubon (the “official manga” as us westerners know it) version of their works, with much better picture quality and a few edits if they feel like making them, it pays them best.
I suggest you discover the (non-hentai) manga called Bakuman, it shows the life of young mangakas just starting working in the professional mangaka scene, it is extremely interesting to have an insider’s view onto the Japanese manga market.
– Imouto: younger sister. Hot by principle. She’s going to discover very soon that she loves to have sex with her Onii-chan~ (big brother).
– NTR (Netorare): my definition isn’t perfect, but let’s say it means “ugly treason of the partner’s trust”. A woman’s adultery while the husband is killing himself to earn money for his wife is NTR, for instance, whereas the husband happily lending his wife to a group of pervs while he enjoys the show isn’t NTR, this is cuckold. Simply cheating on one’s boyfriend would be NTR already, if that boyfriend is the candid trusting type begging to have his dreams crushed. OK?
NTR may lead to “rage hentai”, stories that make you wish you could kick the characters in the face, or, to the contrary, put you in a solid depressive state for a pair of hours. Or leave you unconcerned.
I feel that NTR is the closest to “real” fiction (as ugly as real life, while the rest of hentai puts the real world at bay), and the closest to offering you a good old catharsis.
– Netori: Sometimes seen as “nettori” (like when I forget to read twice what I’m writing *cough*). Stealing someone’s girlfriend or wife. This is very different from netorare, this doesn’t necessarily imply painful feelings and drama, the girl can also jump into somebody else’s arms quite willingly. If the husband’s feelings are crushed or he’s depicted as naive shitty oblivious idiot, then this becomes netorare (cf above).
– ABPEA: THE hentai newsgroup that allowed me to really discover hentai. I don’t even know if it is still active to this day, but I can tell you that, a decade ago, you could find ten new complete untranslated mangas per day, scanned and entirely available, with an active community taking part in discussions and all. I remember Max Bigfoot, a member of Rapture Scans at the time the present Glossary was first written (no idea anymore now), was the biggest contributor If you’re into newsgroups browsing, the full name is alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.anime , try it!
– Shinsouban: that word can be broken down to “shin”, “sou” and “ban”. They mean “new”, “cover” and “edition” respectively: this is the re-edition in much better quality of an old manga only available, so far, in ugly quality, with potentially improved details, scenes re-made, better dialogues, etc.
– Soushuuhen: a manga volume made from the compilation of shorter volumes. Until recently I was confusing it with Shinshouban (see above), but a Shoushuuhen is a first-time publication as a large volume, while a Shinsouban is a republication in a better version. In both cases, it may, or may not, include for instance redrawings of parts, bonus images, better printing quality.
– Rewrite: take a Japanese hentai manga, long or short. It’s in Japanese. Then open MS-Paint, choose an ugly font (Comic Sans MS is recommended, best without antialiasing), delete the Japanese texts (crudely select areas and delete them, or paint areas in white), and write random imaginary crap in place of the original dialogues, without taste or at least against common sense. Guidelines: (1) the male char is best named Kenji or Kirk. (2) It IS incest, better remind us of it in every speech bubble. (3) Cleaning picture defects is for the weak, if you even knew what cleaning is. (4) High picture resolution is a bother to users with a 800×600 screen, please resize the pictures to a smaller size.
Some people are proud to engage in this.
– Zenpen, Chuuhen, Kouhen: OK, you’re in for bonus risks of confusion. You’re with a sadistic scanlator (whose soul is definitely already sold to Satan) who chose to keep the Japanese way to name story parts even though 95% of the readership won’t understand shit on how it works
Scratch sound. Rewind.
Zenpen, Chuuhen, Kouhen: first part, second part, third/latter part.
That got me incredibly confused at first: when these are two parts, this will be Zenpen, Kouhen. Chuuhen goes in the middle when there are three parts, see the idea?
And if you read Joshou, it goes even before Zenpen, like “very first“.
Lastly, I’ll mention the Jou / Ge naming pattern I’ve seen a few times, in which Jou means it’s a first volume, and Ge a second volume (the most notorious example: Peace Hame Jou, followed by Ge).
Quick update: I’ve seen it used a few times now, Saishuuwa means “final chapter”.
Quick update 2, will the pain ever end: I’ve also seen Joron (first part), followed by Honron (second part), and Ketsuron (third part) like here.
– Shimapan: striped panties. Incredibly popular. Also defying the laws of physics (as in Sora No Otoshimono) and incredibly sticking to every square millimeter of female flesh even when the fabric should be making a bridge over crevices – as all hentai panties do, bless them.
– Wizard: funny otaku, hikikomori and NEET fake-belief that a person who remained a virgin till the age of 30 becomes a wizard. My personal advice: if you really see that you don’t manage to seduce a girl and the years pass, and pass, and pass (meaning: you’re over 25, not over 18 ), fuck it, save money and pay yourself a good prostitute (not a cheap one that’ll ruin it). And once your cherry is popped, your chances to taste some unpaid pussy/dick in the future will be considerably larger already (ten times more self-confidence and ten times less despaired, the potential partners will see the difference on your face and might stop running away at first sight), plus you’ll have had sex! If you’re nearing wizard age, what do you prefer, a first time with a professional, or a whole life without sex because you don’t find the perfect first time, eh?
– Vanilla: happy sex with feelings, basically. Sex feeling good, between parters glad to have it, and caring enough about each other’s pleasure. May or may not be “with love”, not everyone agrees on this.
From my personal perspective, as experience piled on, I ended up making a difference between “happy sex”, “happy sex with love”, and “vanilla”, as I think the three aren’t exactly the same even though they will frequently overlap.
Imagine sex between persons who love each other, however it is a scene in which no feelings are involved at all, it’s just about satisfying lust: in that case, I am inclined to not call this “vanilla”.
– Onahole: also called sex sleeve, or pocket pussy. Silicon tube inside a handy plastic form in which a man may insert his penis and fap until he forgets a pussy feels better. The most popular onahole makers are Fleshlight (in USA) and Tenga (in Japan). The fleshlights are huge and look infamous, the tengas are super cute and look amusing.
I really shouldn’t write it, but I tried both. Ironically enough, the fleshlight didn’t provide many sensations and felt gross to use, while the tenga black felt super good even though it was too small and required adhesive tape to keep it mostly closed around my tool.
In the long run, for solo time, I prefer my hand and warming lubricant
– Mise en abyme: this French expression could be a self-narrative version of “breaking the fourth wall”, as if the story contains a mirror sending you your own surprised reflection. Hang in there just a bit more, you’ll see soon.
“Breaking the 4th wall” shatters the comfortable willing suspension of disbelief (thank you, Coleridge, for that notion), the artist clearly tells us “that’s just fiction, don’t forget it”. A typical example would be the comics character Deadpool, he’s casually mentioning being part of a comic and talking to his readers, he makes jokes about the comics market, talks with the story writer, and even travels to the Marvel printing department to kill the staff in the first Killogy volume. He knows he’s a comics character and tells us he knows.
Whereas, on the other hand, a mise en abyme is closer to a simple “wink!” from the artist, the fictional characters are mentioning fiction without still realizing they’re part of one.
Let’s only focus on what it means within mangas: this is when, inside a manga you’re reading, a character suddenly says to another character “you’re acting as if you were in a manga, dude” or “hey, that should only happen in mangas!”. Inception! See what I mean? That will frequently cover hentai stories in which the hero/heroine works as a hentai mangaka.
The most beautiful and artistic mise-en-abyme I saw so far has been in the movie The Truman Show. There is a lachrymal scene in which we see sequences of Truman’s younger days, displayed on a large screen watched by the show’s producer. There is a sad, touching, moving, harrowing music, you can almost feel the tenderness and yet the cold cruelty the producer is feeling towards this poor, oblivious, innocent Truman. The camera zooms out. Until you finally see there was a piano placed next to the screen and the producer, with a guy playing the lachrymal music for the producer. The moment I saw that piano being played was one of those “transcendence” moments letting me know I was watching a REALLY great movie.
– Pettanko: that refers to a girl without noticeable feminine body specs. Flat as a board, weak hips to waist ratio. That usually goes well with tomboy style girls.
Please do NOT confuse pettanko with lolicon (explained above), it’s not a matter of age but a matter of body shape. If a girl is too young, no matter what her body is like, this is lolicon. If she’s flat as a board with straight hips, this is sad but it may also happen to old enough girls, and then that is pettanko. The opposite would be “oppai loli”, a loli underage girl with very huge breasts despite her small body: still a loli.
– Furry: hentai, with animals. Either fully animals, or humanoids with their body partly “animalized”. Just adding a cat tail and cat ears isn’t enough to quality it for furry (no, that, it’s a delightful nekomimi), it requires animal fur. If you hear “kemonono”, it’s a subcategory of that genre.
– Ganguro / Gyaru: Gyaru is a Japanese fashion, leading to tanned girls with bleached fair hair and trendy/slutty/suggestive clothes. They’ll be often found doing compensated dating (almost namely prostitution, although presented like catching a sugar daddy for the day.) Ganguro is a subcategory of the gyaru style, with the girls darker and blonder. On real Japanese streets, these ganguro girls look like weird pandas who escaped from some supernatural zoo, but in the hentai mangas, they’re really hot. Usually associated with devil-may-care or even delinquent behaviour.
– Ahegao: the extreme smiling face with which some girls are drawn during sex. Their mouth gaping for air, their tongue sticking out, the eyes rolling back in their orbits. That’s to express the idea of complete utter ecstasy and loss of control. I find it gross, some others dig it. A kind commenter, Ska Vi Älska, provided more explanations: « “Egao” is Japanese for “smile”. So when a girl is going ‘ah’, the way they do in dousing, that’s an ahegao. Ah + egao – it’s her orgasm smile. »
– WAFF: “Warm And Fuzzy Feeling”. That delicious heart-warming feeling you get when a vanilla tsunami comes to you, and you feel so good, so at peace with the world, so content, because you share the joy of others, be they real or fictional. I didn’t imagine that one needed a glossary entry, and yet, I’m frequently asked what WAFF means ^^
You might want even more information here, here or there.

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