But first to make sure

But first to make sure

But first to make sure

But first to make sure her pussy could handle it, she invited a nurse to make sure she was and would be ok. He checked her and she was good to go. She sucked one guy’s dick while the other licked her pussy. The one being sucked was also playing with her tits.They were all horny and fucked hardcore style. She fucked one and sucked the other and they changed.
Veronika’s Defloration Free sample video:
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The Magnificent Meeting of Voluptuous/XL

The Magnificent Meeting of Voluptuous/XL breast goddesses Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore continues on a terrace with a view of the city below. Mademoiselle Fiore has poured her incredibly sexy body into a tight, ass-clinging mini-skirt and a tight, blue cardigan wrapped around a vintage silver bullet bra, the kind that tit-queens of the 1950’s used to wear. Stockings, garters, zebra-striped panties and open-toe high-heels enhance Natalie’s erotic appearance. Micky’s bright pink, button-down dress is frosting on the cake for her pink and jungle cat vintage bullet bra and garters with matching pink panties, stocking and heels. These two voluptuous Venuses could rule the world if they wanted to and enslave any breast-man who crossed their paths. They undress each other and studiously examine their ripe bodies, fascinated by their huge tits–the tits we have brought together; the tits that we are obsessed with. Could any chronic boobaholic ever get enough of these two? The people below the…

Giselle Renarde is a queer

Giselle Renarde is a queer Canadian, avid volunteer, and contributor to more than 100 short story anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bondage Erotica, and Best Lesbian Romance. Ms Renarde has written dozens of juicy books, including Anonymous, Ondine, and Nanny State. Her book The Red Satin Collection won Best Transgender Romance in the 2012 Rainbow Awards. Giselle lives across from a park with two bilingual cats who sleep on her head.
Smashwords Interview
Cats punching me in the face. I get out of bed in the morning to feed them, but I stay out of bed because I’ve got a book to write.
In the summer, my spare time goes to my urban balcony garden. Indoors, it’s knitting, quilting, canning… sometimes I break out the oil pastels. But most of my non-writing time is spent blogging and marketing my books. An author’s work is never done.
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6 Taboo Secrets by Lexi Wood
Six sexy stories of good girls going bad and bad girls getting naughty! They want older men who are strictly forbidden, and they’re about to be thoroughly satisfied… by Daddy! Spy on Stephanie the nudist. Sneak into bed with Lily. Catch Brandi on the webcam. Get creative with Crysta. Watch Lori dress up. Visit Bella at college. These six taboo tales are sure to please. Dive in today!
Older Men, Younger Women Taboo Erotica Superbundle by Lexi Wood
You’re in for a treat—in fact, you’re in for eighteen! In this collection of taboo sex stories, you’ll devour three erotic anthologies: “Much Older Men and the Girls Who Love Them,” “Daddy’s Little Quickies,” and “Taboo Sex with an Ex.” Get your fill of taboo erotica with this superbundle of smut from Lexi Wood!
Daddy’s Little Nudist by Lexi Wood (5.00 from 1 review)
Stephanie is a nudist. This is a recent development. She’s newly nude. She used to wear clothes, and now she prances around wearing absolutely nothing. If you were Stephanie’s stepfather, what would you do? Ignore her? Try to look away? But what if your naked stepdaughter crept into your lap while you were eating breakfast? What would you do, then?
Confessions of an Unfaithful GILF by Lexi Wood
I hope you won’t judge me too harshly when I confess what I’ve done. Young Dmitri came to rebuild our front walk while my husband was away. When he took off his top under the hot summer sun, how could I resist? Hard to imagine he’d give me a second glance, considering the difference in our ages. I suppose he knew, deep in his heart, that a younger man can learn a lot from a much older woman…
Much Older Men and the Girls Who Love Them by Lexi Wood
Six salacious stories of older men and the young women who adore them! He’s knowledgeable, experienced, and very handsome. She’s fresh-faced, playful, and incredibly seductive. When they get together, older men and younger women can really burn up the sheets. Temptation is half the fun, but the other half is surrender! Enjoy a variety of sexy age gap stories in this enticing anthology.
Dear Daddy: Taboo Erotica by Lexi Wood
Daddy’s Little Girl isn’t getting what she wants. Away at college, she’s gone without her fill of Daddy’s dick for many months. When he pays her a visit, Daddy and Daughter promise each other they’ll spend the time catching up. But who are they kidding? Daddy craves his Little Girl as much as she desires him. It won’t take long before they end up back in bed together. It never does.
Explicit Taboo Erotica: 6 Lusty Tales by Lexi Wood
A daring new collection from the dirty mind of Lexi Wood! In these six sexy stories, young women can’t resist the man of the house. They know they shouldn’t give in to their wild desires, but daddies just know how to get the job done! And the men? They know it’s wrong to set their sights on their darling daughters, but who can blame them? Especially when it’s the girls who take control!
Watching Daddy: Taboo Erotica by Lexi Wood
Tanner’s away on business, but Crysta craves her stepdaddy’s dick every day. They only have one option: sexy naked video chats before bed. But, because of the time difference, Tanner’s ready for her while she’s still in the lecture hall. Can she watch in public without losing her mind? Or will Crysta resort to drastic measures during her evening class?
Femdom Stepdaughter Hate Sex by Lexi Wood
Julie is the boss of the bedroom, and that’s how Daddy likes it. How many men get off on being called names and told what to do? None of the young men Julie knows would let her get away with that. But Julie doesn’t want the kind of sex involving two equal partners, much less a man bossing her around. Julie is boss of the bedroom, and Daddy doesn’t mind one bit. Seriously Taboo Erotica.
Daddy’s Little College Girl by Lexi Wood
Every year, when Aimee comes home from college, she and her stepdaddy promise each other they won’t do it again. It’s wrong. So wrong. They should never have started in the first place. There’s just something about Taz that Aimee can’t resist. He’s nothing like the guys she meets on campus. He’s rough. He’s gruff. And this summer, he’s going to make her his. Seriously Taboo Erotica.
Daddy’s Disowned Daughter by Lexi Wood
When Cash took on his stepdaughter Lorinda as an apprentice, neither of them imagined they’d end up screwing at every jobsite. But when they get caught together, Lorinda’s mother banishes her from the family home. When she finally sees her stepdad again, it isn’t under the best of circumstances… but Lorinda and Cash can make the best of even the worst situations. Seriously Taboo Erotica.
Brat Wants Daddy Back by Lexi Wood
Alicia is wild and rebellious and she ruined her stepdaddy’s life. When they got caught with their pants down at the office, Greg’s whole world came crashing down. He lost his job. His marriage crumbled. His life was shattered. Now the sexy stepdaughter is back for more and, much as Greg wants to resist her tight young body, how can he possibly say no? Seriously Taboo Erotica.
Taboo Sex with an Ex: 6 Explicit Erotica Stories by Lexi Wood
These girls love their daddies so much they just keep coming back for more…even though they know they shouldn’t…even though they said they wouldn’t! In this mouth-watering collection, six girls return to their daddies to fill their needs as only a daddy can. They shouldn’t have done it the first time. They shouldn’t come back for seconds. But here they are, pretty and purring and begging for more!
Don’t Tell Your Mother I Put It In Your Ass by Lexi Wood
When Angelee catches her stepfather sleeping with another woman, Hut is willing to do to anything to keep her from telling her mother. But Angelee can’t be tempted by money or gifts. Now that she’s seen her stepdaddy’s schlong, all she wants is to feel it inside her—in more places than one. It’s terribly taboo, but that’s not going to stop them! Anal Erotica from sexy Lexi Wood.
The Landlord and the Lesbians by Lexi Wood
When Harvey rented a room to Brooke, he never imagined he’d end up in bed with her. First off, Brooke is a lesbian. Secondly, she’s considerably younger than him. But once his tenant and her gorgeous girlfriend get him in gear, they just can’t get enough! How will Harvey satisfy two younger women again and again? With their hot young guidance of course!
Back of the Class by Lexi Wood
Mimi has never been with a man, but she’s got her sights set on Mr. Lawson: the teacher with the sexy voice. He knows she has low vision. That’s why he reads the textbook aloud in class. And, boy, does Mimi love listening. His voice turns her on so much she gets caught pleasuring herself in class! How will her sexy teacher punish her for being so naughty? Find out in this sizzling erotic short!
Daddy’s Little Lesbian by Lexi Wood (2.00 from 1 review)
When Den comes home early from work, the last thing he expects to find is his stepdaughter getting frisky with a girlfriend. He never even knew Lola was a lesbian. Turns out she’s not. She likes older men every bit as much as she lusts after girls her own age. The two friends might just treat Daddy to a threesome he’ll never forget, but can Den get two girls off at once? Taboo threesome erotica!
The GILF Next Door: 3 Sexy Stories of Experienced Older Women by Lexi Wood
Meet the GILF next door. She’s hot, she’s sexy, and she’s waiting for you! In this collection of 3 sexy stories (plus a secret bonus tale!), experienced older women guide innocent younger men through their first bedroom adventures. We’ve got foot worship, a 1980s porn star, a neighbour who sells sex, and more! If you love ladies with skills in the boudoir, you’re sure to enjoy The GILF Next Door!
The GILF Next Door Sells Sex by Lexi Wood
Ben’s never been with a woman, but not for lack of trying! Every time he gets with a girl his own age, he explodes before he’s anywhere near her sweet spot. When his elderly neighbour catches him in the act, she’s quick to offer her services. You’re never too old to have sex for money, and Margaret’s specialty is first-timers. Can she train Ben’s body to get in good with a girl?
Ruby Rides Daddy by Lexi Wood
Poor Ruby! Ever since her daddy started taking sleeping pills, he hasn’t had much time for her. The pastor says she’s reached a marriageable age, but the only man she wants is Daddy. Now that Mama’s run off, who will exercise his wedding tackle? Ruby knows it’s wrong, but when she gets an itch down below and Daddy’s fast asleep, sometimes she does very naughty things… Taboo erotica from Lexi Wood!
The GILF Next Door is a Sexy Porn Star by Lexi Wood
If Danny didn’t need money for college, there’s no way he’d spend his summer selling knives door-to-door. But when he knocks at his neighbour’s house, he’s in for a big surprise. He always thought the lady next door was an evil old witch. Turns out she’s a sexy porn star! When Danny shows up on her doorstep, will the GILF next door make him an offer he can’t refuse?
Tessa Teases Daddy by Lexi Wood
When Stuart’s stepdaughter comes home late, the last thing he expects her to do is tease him with both hands. Tessa’s mother is away at a trade show. They’ve got the house to themselves all night long. Even so, Stuart tries to tell Tessa her actions are inappropriate, but how can he resist a girl in a short denim skirt? How can he resist her when she strips completely bare? Taboo Erotica.
Sabrina’s Sordid Date with a Sexy Older Man by Lexi Wood
Sabrina kissed her mother’s boss. Once. At an office Christmas party. Now, months later, she can’t stop thinking about Miguel. Guys her own age just won’t do. All she wants is the sexy older man whose kiss turned her to mind to mush. Trouble is, when he shows up at her house, he’s there to have dinner with her mom! Can Sabrina steal a sordid date with Miguel without her mother finding out?
Bessy Bangs Daddy by Lexi Wood
Bessy’s a girl who knows what she wants. Problem is, her daddy fetish scares off most guys. She needs a man who’s willing to play her game. Who better than the man who inspired it all, her mother’s second husband, Burton? When he shows up unannounced one night, Bessy hasn’t seen him in years. She’s willing to take full advantage… but is she ready for everything he’s got to give?
La baby-sitter vierge sur vidéo by Kendra Edge
Brooklyn aime prendre soin de deux petits tandis que M. Danes est au boulot. La meilleure chose à propos de son patron, c’est qu’il lui fait confiance. Au moins, c’est ce que Brooklyn pense jusqu’à ce qu’elle trouve une caméra cachée à l’intérieur d’une peluche ! Est-ce que M. Danes l’espionnait tout ce temps ? Bien alors ! S’il veut l’espionner, elle lui donnera quelque chose de bon à regarder.
Tomber amoureux de la nounou by Lexi Wood
Ce n’était pas mon idée d’emmener la nounou en vacances. Ma femme infidèle est celle qui a suggérée d’inviter Jessica. Et quand notre baby-sitter m’a entourée de ses bras pour dire merci, son enthousiasme m’a envoyé sur la route de l’enfer. Dès que nous faisions ce voyage ensemble, je trouverais sûrement un moyen de l’avoir seule … si elle ne me coince pas en premier ! Un récit érotique.
Sitting in Santa’s Lap by Lexi Wood
Laura needs a man’s help in more ways than one! When her stepfather Hal agrees to help her decorate a Christmas grotto, little does he know he’ll end up in a Santa outfit. Then again, Hal doesn’t expect to find his stepdaughter so sexy in her tight little elf costume. When he finds out fertile Laura wants stepdaddy to knock her up, will Hal run a mile or give the girl a gift she’ll never forget?
Stranded at the Nudist Resort with Mom’s Boyfriend by Lexi Wood
Easter weekend, Jacob picks up his lady-friend’s girl from university. It doesn’t take long for Vanessa to develop a bit of a crush on the sexy older man. But when the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they find themselves stranded at a nudist resort, will they surrender to forbidden temptation? Or will Vanessa have to take matters into her own hands?
Deflowered by Daddy by Lexi Wood (2.00 from 1 review)
You don’t have to tell Janie how weird it is to tag along on your mom’s honeymoon, but when her new stepfather invites her to Niagara Falls she jumps at the chance! Burton’s not a bad guy. In fact, he’s even kind of sexy. If Janie ends up spending a little alone time behind the falls with her suave new stepdaddy, she might not be able to resist his allure…
Daddy, I Do! by Lexi Wood
Daddy’s Little Brat in a Canoe by Lexi Wood (3.00 from 1 review)
There’s nothing like a canoe trip to bond stepdaddy and stepdaughter. But when Kaz and Tori’s canoe flips, they’re soaked from head to toe, their clothes stuck to their skin. Time to build a fire and dry out on an isolated beach. With a nearly-naked Tori parading around the campsite in her little blue bikini, how can Kaz possibly contain himself?
Good Girl’s Strange Snow Day by Lexi Wood
When Ramona and her stepfather Cole get trapped in a strange snow cave, they need to find a way to stay warm. Good thing they’ve got a healthy supply of a sweet and mysterious beverage on hand. Cole’s touch is strictly forbidden, but maybe a few sips of the dizzying concoction will convince him to get close to his stepdaughter… closer than any man has ever been!
New Taboo Smut: Good Girls, Fertile Brats, First Times and Forbidden Lust by Lexi Wood
100% Brand New Taboo Smut! Tired of buying bundles of hot taboo erotica only to find you’ve already read half the stories? New Taboo Smut features brand new forbidden fiction. We’re talking SIX never-before-published tales of innocent younger women, forbidden older men, spankings, seductions and more—all deliciously dirty, all certain to satisfy. Six taboo tales guaranteed to melt your screen!
La baby-sitter et l’homme anglais by Kendra Edge
Le père célibataire pour qui je fais du baby-sitting est l’homme le plus sexy dans le monde entier ! Il n’est rien comme les gars de mon âge. Il est beau et distingué, et son accent anglais sophistiqué me fait trembler. Ce week-end, je vais prétendre que je suis la femme d’Alistair. Je n’ai jamais été avec un homme, mais j’espère que ma première fois sera avec mon sexy homme anglais!
Daddy Does It Best: Three Taboo Tales by Lexi Wood (5.00 from 1 review)
They know they shouldn’t. It’s too wrong for words! But these dirty daddies and their darling daughters can’t resist their forbidden urges. They’re ready to surrender to temptation. Are you ready to discover why Daddy Does It Best? In this collection you’ll find the following father/daughter taboo erotica: Daddy’s Wet Little Virgin, Taken by Vicky’s Daddy …and Mine, and Talk Dirty To Me, Daddy!
Taken by Vicky’s Daddy …and Mine by Lexi Wood (5.00 from 1 review)
It was all a mistake. Vicky wasn’t home, but her daddy sure was. To kill time, we watched a movie together. A sexy movie! When I snuck off to touch myself, Vicky’s daddy caught me. I knew I shouldn’t let my best friend’s father take me, but he was so handsome. The last thing I expected was for my own father to catch us in the act… and help Vicky’s daddy deflower me!
Falling for the Fertile Sitter by Lexi Wood
Brats: Taboo Erotica by Lexi Wood
They talk back. They roll their eyes. They don’t show us any respect. So why do we love them? Maybe it’s the short skirts and tight tops. Maybe it’s the gleam in their eyes that promises they’ll give it up—if properly aroused. Maybe it’s the simple fact that they’re strictly forbidden! Whatever the reason, we just can’t get enough BRATS. Satisfy your cravings today with six hot taboo tales!
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Noelle’s Diary: A Very Messy Christmas Romance by Giselle Renarde
Christmastime is here, but Noelle has got no cheer. Her parents are spending the holidays on a cruise while she’s stuck at home with her brother and his girlfriend, Candy, also known as the most annoying person on the planet. Tied for the title is Noelle’s needy ex. Will Noelle’s irritating sister-in-law team up with her meddling ex to ruin her chance at making Christmas merry with her new crush?
Heaven’s Diary: A Succubus Story by Giselle Renarde (4.00 from 1 review)
Will Heaven’s dream house turn into a nightmare? From the moment Heaven, her girlfriend, and her best friend move in, strange things happen in the home. But why is Heaven the only one seeing ghosts and sensing a sexual presence in her bed? Terra and Elle tell her she’s hallucinating, but is that really true? Is Heaven imagining the haunting or is a succubus stealing her soul?
Maggie’s Diary by Giselle Renarde
Maggie has just started her first year at university, but living at home is cramping her style. When she meets another student commuter, it’s clear that Patience is looking for more than just a study buddy. When Patience brings her home to a nudist household, Maggie can’t control her desires. How many good-looking girls can Maggie get with before Patience finds out?
But Fear Itself by Giselle Renarde
When Racine finds out her lover is married with kids, her world crumbles. She burns every belonging her ex left at her house, but the fire attracts a creature that scares her stiff. Racine’s never been a fan of snakes, but when Boh transforms before her eyes, she’s willing to make an exception. Can she ever trust another man? And if she does, how can she share her life with a snake?
Poppy’s Diary: Just a Small Town Girl by Giselle Renarde
Poppy’s a small-town girl and that’s the way she likes it. When she proposes to her long-distance girlfriend, Kristen is hesitant to leave her lucrative job in the city. She likes their relationship the way it is. Can Poppy sell her girlfriend on the small-town experience, or is life about to send her more surprises than she can handle? There’s drama around every corner in Poppy’s Diary!
The Lesbian Diaries Volume 2: Emma’s Diary, Juliet’s Diary, Fortune’s Diary by Giselle Renarde
Friends Like These by Giselle Renarde
Where would Nav be without her beloved queer friends? They’ve been part of her life since school, and they still make time for each other. When Nav starts dating a girl who’s trans, she assumes her friends will welcome Cassandra with open arms. If they don’t, Nav’s got some tough decisions to make. Breaking up is hard to do—especially when it’s your friends you need to break up with…
Fortune’s Diary by Giselle Renarde
Fortune is thirty and living with her mother. There’s nothing she’d love more than to be swept off her feet by a beautiful stranger, but that hasn’t happened yet. She’s worried it never will. And then along comes Maya, her mother’s tarot reader. Can she possibly date a girl who claims to see the future? Fortune doesn’t believe in psychic ability, but is she willing to let true love pass her by?
This Stage of Life by Giselle Renarde
When he was a student, Andrew attended the Triple Threat musical theatre program at a respected arts school. Back then, he had a girlfriend. The dance teacher, Mr. Czarneki, had a wife. Twenty years after graduation, Mr. Czarneki is widowed and Andrew is gay. There’s a definite spark. When Andrew follows his former teacher home like a puppy, Mr. Czarneki shows Andrew how to play like one.
Emma’s Diary by Giselle Renarde
Anxious, insecure, and madly in love. Emma finally has everything she wants in life, so why isn’t she happy? If this is supposed to be the best time of her life, then why is she constantly questioning her situation? It’s not easy to build a full-time future with someone when you’re sure it’ll all fall apart. A million things could go wrong, but will Emma ever learn to see how much is going right?
Oh Boys! Queer Group Sex Erotica by Giselle Renarde
Yasmeen falls in love with a new boy every two weeks, much to Fatimah’s chagrin–she’s been crushing on Yasmeen for years. When Yasmeen thinks she can sway a boy who has a boyfriend, Fatimah calls her bluff: seduce the gay guy in a committed relationship or consider the possibility of dating a girl. Fatimah’s convinced she’s won the bet until she meets the boy… and his beautiful boyfriend!
Current and Former Loves by Giselle Renarde
It’s been seven years since you broke up with Red. He’s still pining for you. You’ve moved on–you’re dating Nate now–and you want to feel put off by Red’s not-so-subtle advances… but there’s something kind of nice about knowing he still wants you bad. Nate tells you to go for it, when Red proposes dinner instead, and everything snowballs. Can your current and former loves agree to share you?
Balls to the Wall by Giselle Renarde
Kat and Edson are never going to see each other after tonight. They’ve got a lot in common: they’re putting themselves through grad school, both working at the same fast food joint, and each has a crush on the other. But they haven’t admitted that last fact out loud. Not yet. Their restaurant is going to be bulldozed in the morning. Can they work up the courage to go out with a bang?
Chasing Tails by Giselle Renarde
Savita isn’t listening. She just sits there, absently petting her cats while Bev rants about her latest conquest. Bev is throwing her life away, devoting her time to these men who are obviously just using her for sex. When will she wake up and see that Savita loves her? A lesbian erotic romance short from award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde.
Giselle’s Lost Treasures: 14 Erotic Tales by Giselle Renarde
New loves, old flames, burning desires and more! Erotica by Giselle Renarde has appeared in more than 200 erotic anthologies, but the fourteen tantalizing tales in Giselle’s Lost Treasures have never been included in any such collections until now! Unearthed for your reading pleasure, these stories feature couplings you won’t soon forget. Discover something new, fresh from the vault!
Juliet’s Diary: My Secret Plague Journal by Giselle Renarde (4.00 from 1 review)
Training Him Up: A Sexy Self-Bondage BDSM Story by Giselle Renarde
Fingered in the Ass by My Best Friend’s Bisexual Lover by Giselle Renarde
Analee hasn’t seen her good friend Hart since graduation. When they meet up at a swanky restaurant, he surprises her with a woman–his new girlfriend, Sophie. Sophie and Hart aren’t shy about sex, or about sharing, as it turns out. When Sophie learns that Analee is a lesbian who has never ventured into the realm of anal sex, Sophie pulls her into the bathroom to teach her a thing or two.
Girls Just Wanna Have Girls: 20 Lesbian Sex Stories by Giselle Renarde
If you love lesbian erotica, this is the collection for you! It includes twenty erotic stories from award-winning author Giselle Renarde. Giselle’s erotic fiction has appeared in nearly 200 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Erotica and Best Women’s Erotica. This steamy anthology features first times, fetishes, bondage, spankings, friends becoming lovers and more!
Cosima’s Diary: My Life as a Unicorn by Giselle Renarde
Bridie’s Diary by Giselle Renarde
Bridie never expected to find herself in this position at midlife: leaving her husband, purchasing her childhood home, falling in love with her tenant. Ness is everything Bridie is not. She’s young and bold and artsy and trans. But when Bridie’s best friend shows up, she’s torn between fresh possibilities and familiar passions. Will Bridie choose the old or the new? Or will life choose for her?
Ariadne’s Diary: I’m in Love with my Teacher! by Giselle Renarde
Ariadne is desperate for love, and she wants her teacher to give it to her. When Ariadne’s grades slip into the danger zone, the buxom Ms. Bambini offers up some most unusual tutoring sessions. Ariadne never imagined her life would head down such a torrid path, but will Ms. Bambini’s help become Ariadne’s downfall? Lesbian fiction from award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde.
Dry Rub: Femdom Bondage Erotica by Giselle Renarde
All these years into marriage, Terry’s still the bad boy. As much as his bad behaviour drives Gina crazy, she can’t turn off the arousal generated by his motorcycle jacket. When he comes home late after Gina discovers she can fit back into her old high school uniform, how can she resolve the dispute between anger and desire? Simple: she ties him to a chair and takes him the way she likes it…
I Watched Her Wash a Cucumber: Lesbian Erotica by Giselle Renarde
In Pearls: Lesbian Spanking Erotica by Giselle Renarde
When Davina moves in, Greer expects the delicious diva to help out with household chores. No such luck! Davina doesn’t do windows… or dishes or anything else. When Greer’s frustration comes to a head, she realizes the only way Davina will ever contribute is if she gets to put on a show. Greer is more than happy to watch her woman vacuum in pearls, high heels, and vintage lingerie!
Question and Answer: College Consent Erotica by Giselle Renarde
Melonhead: Queer and Kinky Erotica by Giselle Renarde
Jai doesn’t make it through airport security too easily. That’s why he never brings along any sex toys. But Jai is a planner. He knows a warm cantaloupe is heaven. His hotel room doesn’t have a microwave, so a hotel worker offers to heat up his melon and bring it to his room. When she arrives, she isn’t alone. Jai has two female spectators, and they aren’t about to leave until he puts on a show!
Office Sex by Giselle Renarde
When a celebrity hotspot catches fire, the entire office watches it burn from their lofty glass tower. The fire reminds Isobel that, if a trendy restaurant can burn, she could be taken down in an instant… and she’s only slept with one man in her entire life! If the end came tomorrow, she’d regret not making a move on Ahmed, her coworker crush. The fire says ‘Do it now!’ Will Isobel listen?
Back Row Reunion: Second Chance Sex by Giselle Renarde
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November 17, 2021

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