GoStats helps you analyze and

GoStats helps you analyze and

GoStats helps you analyze and

GoStats helps you analyze and
GoStats helps you analyze and use your website data. Every day there is something new to learn and find.
Do you want…
your web analytics report data instantly updated to alert you of important issues today?
reports which are simple elegant and easy on your mind & eyes? (quick review of important numbers)
to know what matters? Not just all analytics numbers which can be counted?
the easiest, fastest way to understand how your website is used? A true play-by-play list of what each of your visitors do on your site!
Then click here to get started getting the most important analytics data today!
What are the steps to get started?
An account will give you access and control to your data. Creating an account is a quick process. Click on the activation email and follow the steps to start seeing your data.
For most websites, it is only necessary to copy & paste a small section of analytics code into the HTML source code. Most site administrators can perform this operation. If your site is different than most or more complex and you require assistance, we are happy help you.
Once the code is installed, you will start to see analytics data come into your reports. This is where the magic happens — you will begin to see big data for your business in specialized reports made just for you.
If Your Website is Beating Your Expectations, Don’t Read This.
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GoStats is fully customizable and can give you the statistics information that is most importantto your web site. You can have a visible or invisible counter. Setup is fast and easy, in no timeyou can get a wealth of analytics data about your web site traffic and how visitors use your site.
Here are some of the Features you will get:
Packed with lots of great features, including information on how your pages are viewed, where people come from to visit your site, how often they return and which content on your site is most popular. GoStats is a quick and easy to use tool for determining how many people visit your website. Here’s a quick list of some features that you will get access to:
Powerful web statistics reporting engine
ALL GoStats features are completely unlocked
The option to fully hide the counter or display as much web traffic data as you desire
Min/max stats
High priority email response from the legendary GoStats support standards
Feature rich, account management control panel
Optional listing in the top sites list
What Our Clients Say
Hi. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being able to use your hit counter and tracking services. I have my own website and use your program. Its by far the greatest and should be applauded for the ease with which we can use it. I now can keep up with how many hits my site has seen and also find out where they originate from. Thanks again for this service. I appreciate it very much.
Just wanted to say thanks for your free web page counter and neat statistics! I’ve tried a few free counters and so far, yours is the only one without any glitches or problems! Thanks!
I just wanted to say that since I switched to your service, I have been so happy to see the extra information you provide. I would have never guessed that my co-workers liked my site so much!
I LOVE having the GoStats hit counter, it’s so cool! When I get to the computer, I light up gostats first thing, every time. Sometimes I forget to check my e-mail after playing with gostats so much. I don’t understand how you do it (gostats), but I sure do appreciate it.
You guys are great. I love the stats and the access availability of them. Oh, and of course its free. What more could you ask for?
~Sean Gledhill


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From our Previous Top Voted Highlights
671 Productions – 350+ GB Video and 40,000+ Images
A much better navigation through our massive Members Area, new voting, commenting and search features, and full coverage for your mobile device. We extended the entire members area by MP4 files – including the very first videos from the very first days at Girls Boarding School – making it even more easy to watch our amazing spanking, caning and corporal punishment videos.
Simone was out for clubbing all night long, though she was aware that she had to go to school the next day. Of course, the Headmaster did hear her coming home at 4 in the morning. But he decided to be lenient and say nothing, as long as she would go to school the next morning, well rested, tidy and in a good shape. But no way that Simone would satisfy his expectations. Simone just wasn’t able to get up in the morning at all, sleeping until midday in her warm and soft bed, with a contented smile on her face. A furious headmaster, applying a 5 minutes long and severe lashing on her exposed naked buttocks, is the result of her irresponsible behavior. A contented smile is certainly not what we will see on her face so soon again!
After the previous punishments, Kissie decides she has had enough of Mr Hyde’s treatment and leaves him a note saying she has run away. It doesn’t take him long to track her down and bring her back home where he sits her down and explains that running away isn’t going to solve her problems and that she needs to start learning if she wants the punishments to stop. After the lecture, she is instructed to bring the punishment chair over so that she can be punished for her actions. My Hyde gives her a hard spanking once again and this time instead of using the cane, he pulls out a thick, wooden …
Despite already being punished for her poor behaviour, Kissie decides to make another bad decision by playing a prank on My Hyde. She gets up an extra 5 minutes early to make him his morning tea and adds a little salt and sauce to it for extra flavour! Mr Hyde is surprised to find Kissie has made him tea, but very shortly surpise turns into shock, and shock to anger as he realises the disgusting taste in his tea is courtesty of a very naughty Kissie. He pulls her to the side of the room and administers a worth while hand spanking, increasing in force as the layers are removed. Her bottom is …
The latest attendance register indicates that Roseanna has skipped gym class again, for the umpteenth time. The Headmaster is shocked! Didn’t he try EVERYTHING to make Roseanne understand the importance of exercise, fitness and physical training, for a young girl’s body like hers? It’s a shame, but some girls just don’t get the point. Words simply don’t make an impact. After all the well-meant rebukes and warnings, the Headmaster recognizes that he has no alternative: a corporal punishment is what is required here. A long and severe one, to finally reach this girl and make her rethink. More …
Mr. Hyde is unable to find another school to take on Kissie and as a result he has no option but to home school her himself. Kissie on the other hand has her own little agenda and decides to behave like a silly little girl whilst Mr Hyde tries to start the lesson. Within minutes he has her bent over the table, spanking her and giving her a firm telling off. Kissie argues back saying that she refuses to behave herself but he knows a nice severe punishment with his hand and the cane should do the trick. After a long hard hand spanking, Kissies petit round cheeks are left tingling and burning. …
Kissie has been expelled from school once again after being disresptful to her teachers. Her guardian, Mr Hyde receives the phone call from her head teacher and is furious when he hangs up. Kissie isn’t going to take another adult trying to tell her what to do and decides to make another poor choice by arguing with him. My Hyde tolerates none of it and pulls her up in a flash, spins her around and begins spanking her across her school skirt. Very quickly she finds herself over Mr Hydes knee as he carries on spanking her, harder and harder, her hair swinging as she struggles to deal with the …
Alex felt so ashamed and angry when his friends confronted him with the news: his girlfriend was discovered on the Internet, glamour modeling! Alex just can’t believe that Kissie was humiliating him so severely! No doubt, his social life is going to go down the tubes, he will be a joke figure on the street, for a long time. And of course, her disrespectful behaviour will require some painful consequences for Kissie. The sting of the wooden paddle will only be the beginning of a difficult time ahead of her, until hopefully one day Alex’ friends will respect him again.
A lazy schoolgirl having a lazy afternoon… reading some nice magazines and listening to some cool music… being alone at home can be fun! Alone?? Really??? Watch the video, there might be a bad surprise for this little brat! 🙂
Alex is shocked to find out Kissie has stolen underwear from one of his shops. Kissie is a friend of the family which makes it even harder for him to believe that she would steal from him. Feeling guilty one day, she decides to visit Alex at his home to come clean and tell him the truth. Alex makes her get into the underwear so he can embarrass her by putting her over his knee and giving her a severe hand spanking. This is not what she expected at all but she knows that she is in the wrong and listens to his strict instructions. After several minutes of spanking her, he orders her to remove …
After returning from work early one day, Alex finds Kissie at home with a very nervous look on her face. Kissie is terrible at telling lies and it soon comes out that she lost her job a few weeks ago and had been secretly keeping the news from Alex. He tells her he isn’t happy with her lying to him especially with something as important as losing her job and decides to punish her severely. Kissie is instructed to lean over the sofa while Alex pulls her skirt up to reveal her tight round buttocks and administers several minutes worth of hand spanking until they turn to a dark shade of pink. Once satisfied, he continues with the punishment and gives her a hard belting, leaving Kissie crying with shame and embarrassment.
Kissie finds herself in a predicament when she doesn’t want to go with Alex to meet his work colleagues for dinner. She decides to take the sneaky way out by playing ill and pretends to have a headache. Alex has his suspicions and plays along with Kissies game by giving her a paracetemal and waits behind the door to watch her spit the pill out of her mouth! Alex is extremely disappointed with Kissie for going behind his back and decides to give her a severe hand spanking, followed by an even harder hair brushing! Kissie is left with no choice but to hold on tight to Alex’s leg and cry out in pain whilst he spanks her over his knee with the hairbrush over and over again.
Michael a master at Girls Boarding School finds Vanja a new resident at Girls Boarding School – kneeling on a wooden stool, her long blonde hair tied in two plaits and her hands are on her head. He asks her why she is in that position – her reply is cheeky, disrespectful and flippant, when she tells him she can’t keep to the stupid rules. Asking her the same question three times, he gets the same response. Michael realizes he has a challenge here and it is his job to change her attitude. She has been disruptive in class and rude and disobedient to her teachers. Now Michael is going to have to …
Comments from our Members
New Resident Asia
A great sexy new school girl model bare bottom spanking with a carpet beater its great when you can see the marks from the implement. (great hd photos)
Annie, legs up
My favourite and fair girl at gbs in the most sensitive and displaying position. Caned very strictly not only on her bottom, but also over her bare and tender uppper thighs. You can only feel with her as you see her bottom tremble in her pain. It is a fantastic caning scene, because Annie is both so brave and yet so beautiful in her responding and trembling, that we witness one of the best punsihment scenes at gbs.
New resident Lottie – A schoolgirl’s mistake
Improving techniques
By the way, bombs are a dime a dozen. Believe me, I know. However, Linda is one in a million.
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