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Hundreds of handsome gay fellows

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It’s been three months since

It’s been three months since the last “Best of ErosBlog” installment. That was 2004; previously we saw 2003 and 2002. At this rate I might get one or two more done before the genuine 10 year anniversary in October.
2005 went down like this:
We encountered sexual multitasking of a particularly impressive kind, in the form of a gentlemen who could simultaneously bone his woman and peel his figging ginger: Peeling Root Vegetables During Sex
Pac Man’s endless ghost chase got re-imagined as a rough sort of seduction: Pac Man On Viagra
I reluctantly had to abandon my status as the last man in America who thought Halle Berry’s Catwoman movie wasn’t so bad: Halle Berry, Screw You Too
We found an anecdote about the time Catherine McKinnon picked the wrong audience to talk to about the alleged horrors of deep throating: Putting Catherine McKinnon in Her Place
The vocabulary of privilege was not so mainstream back in 2005, or I would have termed this an example of unselfconscious female privilege: The World Is Different For Men And Women
I’m going to slide this in here just because it’s the first time (only time?) I ever had occasion to mention my sister on ErosBlog. Also, nice mental image of Penelope Cruz, duct tape: Marriage: The Shit Changes
This might still be my all-time favorite vintage oral sex picture: Oral Sex For The Happy Woman
I got to thinking just a little bit too hard about the making of a visually-arresting bondage photo: Astonishing Bondage Photo
Making light of alternative-religion sexual practices is generally not something I’d put in my “Best of” category; I do the “ha ha loonies” sometimes, but I’m not sure it’s ever as funny as it seems at the time. Nonetheless, I stand behind this post title as worthy: The Holy Handkerchief of Cum-Saving
It is always dangerous to let other people caption your art: Here Comes Johnny With His Pecker In His Hand
Was it really only seven years ago that Dan Savage had to lay down the law about oral sex? Sometimes I forget just how fast this culture is moving! Oral Sex Is Standard Equipment
Sometimes just finding a thing is the sex blogging victory. Example: this account of anal sex with a coughing wife: Whooping Cough Sex
Speaking of how fast the culture has moved: it was also just seven years ago that a website by an American porn producer that mixed actual bondage and actual sex was a surprising, nearly-unprecedented thing: Sex And Submission
A rare childhood reminiscence from me, in which I recollect having to explain dildos to a grown-up: “What’s A Dildo?”
Of all the things I’ve written on ErosBlog over the years, this disquisition on the ethics of being a porn consumer is perhaps my second-favorite: Evil Porn Werewolf Enslavers Debunked
I argued against the wearing of clothes in bed. It got a LOT of comments: Lame Reasons For Wearing Clothes In Bed
A very vivid image: Four Lips, Two Cherries
The dirtiest picture I’ve ever published on ErosBlog, I think: Dirty Picture
The comment thread on this post was where I first found out just how many people are scared of the idea of female ejaculation and would like to pretend it’s not a thing: Diary of A Squirter
A post about why so many internet comments about erotic photography are body-negative and body-critical: Crapping All Over Beauty

What is a Legal Brothel?

What is a Legal Brothel?
Prostitution is legal in several rural counties in Nevada in the form of licensed, regulated brothels. These tantalizing oases are the preferred destination for men, women, and couples from all walks of life who seek sexual adventure. In a legal brothel, people can explore the upper limits of their sensuality in a safe, healthy, discreet, and thoroughly nonjudgmental environment with beautiful women who excel in a wide variety of erotic arts.
Nevada’s Premier Legal Brothel
Located in Pahrump, Nevada, sixty miles west of Las Vegas, Sheri’s Ranch is Nevada’s first and only full-service legal sex resort. The Ranch was purchased by former Chicago homicide detective Chuck Lee in 2001 and was remodeled into a fantasyland of bungalows and specialty rooms with a variety of titillating themes. With a hotel and restaurant on the property, Lee and his exemplary staff have taken great care to maintain a resort playground with the clients’ safety, privacy, and satisfaction in mind.
We invite you to stay with us! Our hotel includes 7 standard rooms and 3 themed suites. All suites include their own wet bar, fireplace and Jacuzzi. Located on the east side of the property are 5 unique themed VIP bungalows featuring a wet bar, fireplace and Jacuzzi. Every room is furnished to their theme with various props and artwork.
Relax and play a game of pool with our lovely ladies in our sports bar. Enjoy lunch or dinner in our dining room. The entire experience at Sheri’s, from the companionship to the amenities to the cuisine, is designed for nothing less than your absolute pleasure.
Hours: 24 hours a day 365 days a year – Phone: (800) 506-3565
Questions: See our Q&A page or send us an email enquiry.
Contact one of our legal courtesans directly by going to our line-up page and clicking on the profile of the lady you’d like to connect with.
Take a virtual tour of the property:
No Street View available.

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