“I feel Thirty five, and

“I feel Thirty five, and

“I feel Thirty five, and

“I feel Thirty five, and this was my present to myself,” 64-year-old first-timer Madison Milstar says in the interview that opens this scene. “Sixty-five sounded old, and I did not wish to be aged, and I’m a fan of porn. I like to view it, and I said, ‘I can do that,’ and my hubby said one day, ‘I know you can. Would you like to?’”
That babe said, “Yes!” And here this babe is, shooting her 1st porn movie scene. And it is a valuable one.
Well, it should be. Madison is captivating and hot. This babe is an elegant blonde who’s wearing a corset and stockings. This babe knows what that babe is doing ‘cuz 1.) That babe loves to copulate; and 2.) She watches plenty of porn. The way it works is, when her husband is without the abode, that babe pulls up a chair in her home office in Maui, Hawaii, turns on a much loved porn scene and plays with herself until this babe cums. It doesn’t take lengthy.
Madison was born in Wisconsin. Her hubby calls her a Super GILF. Mr. Milstar just happens to know one more Super GILF, Sandra Ann. They screwed. Sandra Ann told him about 60PlusMILFs.com. Thank’s, Sandra!
Madison is a Mama and a grandmother. She is not a nudist (although this babe has been to a clothing-optional resort). This babe and her boyfriend became swingers’ two years agone. And she can’t live with out ace screw.
More on that later. We promise. For now, have pleasure Madison’s first movie screw.

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