Lisa didn’t know what to

Lisa didn’t know what to

Lisa didn’t know what to

Lisa didn’t know what to do. After hiding her feelings for so long she finally let them out and realized she preferred girls as lovers. That was the easy part. The hard part is that she is engaged Tim. She could always confess. Tim deserved better than that. Lisa could not break-up with Tim over her sexual preferences. Then the solution presented itself.
While at lunch with her friend Lisa explained her feelings. Her friend smiled and said she owned a Jewel of Odan. Lisa’s eyes shot wide open. She knew exactly what the Jewel of Odan did. Lisa was all smiles when her friend lent her the Jewel. Lisa ran home and snuggled up to Tim. Tim was unaware what the Jewel Odan is or what it did. Lisa explained her feelings and what she hoped Tim was willing to do for her.
Tim smiled at the thought. He even admitted he thought it would be hot to be a girl. Tim took the Jewel from Lisa and held it in his left hand, closed his eyes and thought of the most beautiful girl he knew other than Lisa, of course. In a moment Tim was transformed by the Jewel into the girl of his dreams. He felt warm and fuzzy inside looking at Lisa now. “What shall we call you?” Lisa asked. “Anna. I want to be Anna.” Lisa smiled. She loved the name. The girls closed their eyes and leaned into the softest kiss of their lives.
College is the greatest time of your life. The learning and opportunities create contacts valuable throughout life. But when you are young you have more than learning and a career on your mind; you also think of starting a family. Part of the mating ritual is games and parties. Neil had a plan to cover all the bases: personal and professional.
For a college party the room was civil. People milled around, talked, told jokes and laughed. The table was set up for beer pong, girls against the boys. The girls were already giddy and said they upped the ante by placing a nanobot concoction in one of the beer glasses on the guy’s side. The boys knew it was just the girls trying to get in their heads.
Neil invited Scott to join him in defeating the girls of Sorority Hill. The girls were gracious to offer the boys a kiss on the cheek if they won. How sweet. The game was evenly matched. Both sides drank a few more beers than they wanted to, but it was great fun. The boys lost, of course (girls are always better), but the girls decided to be good sports and kiss the boys on the cheek anyway. Neil thought he might ask the tall blonde, Abby, out to dinner.
“I guess we never drank the beer with nanobots,” Neil told the girls after the kiss. “Oh,” Abby said, “but you did.” Neil patted himself down. “Guess it didn’t work,” he smiled. Abby started laughing, “Every beer was laced with nanobots, you fool. There is a delay of a few hours.”

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On today’s cocodorm update Ninja

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Coco Dorm Videos – Hotrod + Mike Watts
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Arquez and Domino Star at cocodorm videos
Domino Star throwing some shit into that wishing well when Arquez arrives of nowhere and makes his wishes come true. The two fellas are real from the hood, Arquez s thug ready to kill some motherfuckin ass. Cocodorm Domino real knows how to blow that cock, he is a professional at this. After some nice sixty nine cocodorm Arquez is craving for that asshole and pops his large cock right in offering Domino the fuck of his life. He is not stopping in this coco dorm video until both of them get their nuts in order to swap that jizz!
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First time for Chance and Domino
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Welcome back to coco dorm, the place where hot black college guys are fucking each other in their dorms whenever they have the chance. Jay;s roommate is gone for the weekend so he invites Reeko to stay the night so they can play video games.
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Arquez and Ralphh Laurin
We have two more hunks for you guys. These two jocks were home alone and thought to make the best of it and started sucking their tools in front of the camera. They were sharing the same house but they didn’t knew to much about each other. The sexy hunks talked but never shared anything about their sex life. A few days ago one of them caught the other one watching some gay porn and decided to join him.
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The three way club
See these two hot guys meeting into their dorm room and starting to make out the moment they have seen each other. You got to see the whole action, cause it’s truly interesting and it will turn you on big time. Have a look at them and see how they are going to remove their clothes, all of them, remaining only with their lingerie and they will remove even those items out of their bodies. Enjoy seeing them in action, playing with those worked out ebony bodies, exploring them with their hands and reaching their most private parts.
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Hot jock teased and pleased
A fresh new video is about to be revealed and you got to have a look at the whole thing, right away. See how are these three guys going to do it right into their dorm room, making out in such an incredible way. At first, two guys are going to invite the third one into their room and they will all start making out right away. You will see how they are going to please each other and tease each other big time, having a fantastic time making out. This cute guy is going to offer his ass hole to one of the other guys and that one started to lick his hole all over the place, sliding his tongue into his ass hole.
During this whole time, since he was already bending over, he got the other one’s cock into his mouth and he started to lick it all over the place, starting from the bottom, until the top of it, with so much eagerness. Enjoy seeing the whole action and get ready to see what are they planning to do right next. Of course they started to fuck, but that’s a surprise for you! Need more? Have a look at the next video update and get ready to see what other things are going to be exposed there!

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