Norton has new ways to

Norton has new ways to

Norton has new ways to

Norton has new ways to help protect your devices, online privacy and identity.
Try Norton 360 Standard
Norton 360 Standard has everything Norton Security Standard did, plus new features:
Password Manager
Secure VPN
Norton 360 Deluxe has everything Norton Security Deluxe did, plus new features:
Norton 360 with LifeLock plans include device security, online privacy and identity features, all-in one, including:
U.S.-based Restoration Team
Building upon the legacy of Norton Security, Norton Internet Security, the original Norton 360™ and powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based security technology, Norton™ 360 plans offer multi-layered malware protection, including:
Intrusion Prevention analyzes information arriving from a network and blocks potential threats before they hit your computer (PC, Mac)
Antivirus with Advanced Machine Learning scans and eradicates malware files that enter a device, using machine learning and emulation (PC, Mac, Android)
Reputation Protection (Insight) uses the reputation information gathered from our global network to classify software application files on their attributes. (PC)
Behavioral Protection monitors applications for suspicious behavior and automatically blocks found (PC)
Power Eraser helps detect and remove high-risk applications and malware that may be residing on your computer (PC)
Cyber threats are ever-evolving. Cybercriminals can steal personal information through your computers and mobile devices, and there are a number of ways that they do it.
Cybercriminals can use different types of malware to get what they want, such as:
Cryptojacking: Malware that gives cybercriminals access to “mine” cryptocurrency on your computer, at the expense of your resources.
Formjacking: Malware in which cybercriminals inject malicious code into online forms to steal payment card details on legitimate websites.
Ransomware: Malware that encrypts a computer’s contents and then demands a ransom to restore them, usually in the form of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin
Remote Access Trojans (RAT): Malware that gives a cybercriminal a “back door” to remotely access a compromised computer
Cybercriminals also still use malware like viruses, worms and spyware in addition to newer techniques. Norton 360 defends against the ways cybercriminals infect your devices with malware and compromise your online privacy. That’s malware defense from a trusted leader in consumer cybersecurity.
Already a Norton customer?
If you are already a Norton customer, you may be using a product that provides device protection only.
Norton 360 with LifeLock provides you with comprehensive protection for your connected devices, online privacy and identity. With Norton device security we protect your devices against viruses and malware, and with our Virus Protection Promise2 should you get a virus we will help remove it on your devices or refund your money. Your personal devices and information have protection both at home and on-the-go with bank-grade encryption with Norton Secure VPN when connecting to Wi-Fi, even public Wi-Fi. With LifeLock identity theft protection your personal accounts are monitored and alerts† sent to notify you of any potential threats. Should you become a victim of identity theft, we’ll work to resolve it, and reimburse funds stolen†††. Should the unexpected happen, you’ll be covered with our Million Dollar Protection™ Package††† for qualified ID theft related expenses.
Log in to your Norton account to review your current plan and features.
What’s new in Norton 360 with LifeLock?
Norton 360 with LifeLock plans have the same industry-leading virus and malware protection as Norton Security products do, plus integrated new features to help protect your devices, online privacy, and identity:
In today’s digital world, you’re more connected than ever before. As a result, your personal information is everywhere, leaving you exposed and potentially vulnerable to ever-evolving cyberthreats. That’s why you need protection that’s evolved, too. Norton and LifeLock are now part of one company with a single mission: to be your ally in the fight against cyber threats and more.
To help protect you against both malware and identity theft, we’ve brought together our device security and identity theft protection into one comprehensive solution: Norton 360 with LifeLock. Plus, we’ve added new VPN and PC SafeCam features to help protect your online privacy. One plan, unified protection.

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