One of my most requested

One of my most requested

One of my most requested

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In the last several weeks,

In the last several weeks, a number of mainstream outlets, including the ever popular Cosmopolitan magazine, have published articles delving into the latest trend of Millenial women (ages 20-35) and their penchant for skipping right past traditional straight pornography in exchange for the guy-on-guy gay titles. In an article penned by columnist Cheryl Wischhover entitled, “Call Us One Erection: Why Straight Twentysomething Women Are Obsessed With These Gay Porn Stars,” Wischhover dissects why straight women in their 20s and 30s have suddenly become not just dedicated fans of gay celebrities but, “obscene, screaming fans” for gay porn stars and the films in which they star.
The article takes a look at the female fans specifically of gay mega studio, CockyBoys, and how these fan girls came to regularly “message the guys on social media, create elaborate fan art in their honor, and breathlessly mob them at public events.” According to the studio’s estimations, this demographic now accounts for 30% of their membership subscribers and at least “80% of the fans that attend CockyBoys’ meet-and-greets,” such as the studio’s annual CockyCon.
Other adult sites have noticed this growing trend as well. According to the annual Insights report from the “Porn Site That Shall Not Be Named,” 18 – 24-year-old women are 24% more likely to watch gay porn than any other age group or demographic. Gay male porn is the second most viewed category by women on the site, and women of all ages account for 37% of all gay porn watched on the site overall.
It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when most straight porn is tailored for and marketed to men with what the Cosmo author refers to as “disembodied jack hammering and fake seeming female orgasms.” Another recent study , consisting of 500 female respondents, revealed that most felt while watching straight porn, they “can’t be sure the woman is actually having an orgasm.”
Dr. Lucy Neville, a senior lecturer at Middlesex University London, conducted the survey and explains, “women definitely have a preference for gay porn when the men look like they are into each other, where they are smiling, laughing, and taunting each other.”
Many female porn consumers have expressed this desire for authenticity, while others have shared that while viewing straight porn, which often focuses on the female performer’s body, they are constantly comparing themselves to the star, which can become distracting and take away from their enjoyment. With guy-on-guy scenes, they’re able to focus on the sensuality, the passion, and most importantly to them – the multitude of cocks on screen. One fan quoted in the article explained further, “I am attracted to males, so seeing two of them get it on together is like: BOOM, twice as sexy!”
In a separate article published by the left-leaning political site AlterNet, the author quotes an interview the same Dr. Neville gave to PsyPost, in which she expounds further on the feedback she received in her research. “A lot of women’s disdain with straight porn is their perceptions that it undermines female pleasure, is catered to a male perspective, and even that it focuses on the female body in an almost exploitative manner while featuring ‘ugly’ men: ‘The way [women] perceived women as being treated and exploited in heterosexual porn, the invisibility of female pleasure, the fact that identifying with the female actress made them less able to enjoy the eroticism of looking, and the fact that most heterosexual porn invited them to view the sex acts occurring from a ‘male’ perspective – noting the way that the camera tended to linger on female anatomy and that men in heterosexual porn were ‘ugly and out of focus at best, and just a disembodied cock at worst.’”
A separate CockyBoys fan quoted in Cosmo agreed with Neville’s sentiment. The reason she attends the CockyBoys events and follows the stars is because they “provide a fantasy with no pressure. I know they’re gay, which makes them easier to talk to.”
An additional element that may drive women to turn to gay porn and attend industry events may be the “familial” feeling, and sense of community they feel, as well as the excitement of the behind-the-scenes drama of stars feuding, and the interest in the star’s private lives as they speculate over who’s-dating-who. And according to Dr. Neville, this is a good thing! “This sense of community that’s been created has been incredibly liberating in terms of making [fans] feel they’re not alone and they’re not a pervert and that [preferring gay porn is] actually quite common and natural.”
In a society where pornography, homosexuality, and women expressing their own personal sexuality are discouraged, considered to be “unnatural,” and looked down upon, this convergence of the three may actually prove beneficial to our culture and could “take us one step closer to leaving society’s heteronormative culture in the dust, even if only within the realm of adult entertainment.” As both women and the LGBTQ community continue in their battle for equality across the globe, isn’t it kind of nice to think that watching a bunch of sexy-ass men going at it might just be assisting in achieving that hard sought-after goal? I know you can certainly count this writer in!
As you probably all know, our office has a collective crush on one Mr. Wolf Hudson. Actually, the fact that he is smoking hot is the only thing we can agree on some days! Anyways, I’ve been waiting for this movie from the new studio Cockyboys to be live on the site so I could watch he and Skyler Caine for quite some time now and boy was it worth the wait.
In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t seen anything but the last scene of this movie yet. I fully intend to watch it because I’m basically in love with this studio, but I wanted to help spread the word about this movie and couldn’t wait!
Both Caine and Hudson are in their element here. Caine is a really hungry bottom, but fortunately Hudson is a dude who fucks like a champ. Caine kicks things off by dropping down to his knees and after some pretty fantastic oral, Hudson rewards him by eating his hole before the fucking commences. Wolf really goes at him pretty rough and the whole thing is made 100 x’s hotter by the dirty talk. Hudson proves why he’s known as the King of Kink as he sucks Caine’s toes while growling “take that cock you fucking dirty pig.” It’s pretty fantastic.
Director Kyle Major did a great job of pairing these two men up because they’re both insatiable. By the time Caine is covered in both men’s spunk, I was convinced the world needs to see this scene!
I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this movie in the near future (if FrzKey doesn’t beat me to it!) but for now I had to make sure Wolf Hudson fans knew that this exists. So Fucking Hot!

November 18, 2021

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