Some of the last Rhododendrons

Some of the last Rhododendrons

Some of the last Rhododendrons

Some of the last Rhododendrons in the Green Mountain area for the year. Dripping pink goodness.
I took a drive up to the Olympics and it is still a few weeks off from their Rhodies poking through. Fun day hiking with Dene and watching her work magic with her camera.
Thought I would give you a break from my Palouse shots which I still have tons and tons of images.
Kitsap County
Green Mountain

My Co-Branded Sites I’ve partnered

My Co-Branded Sites
I’ve partnered with a number of quality online adult sites and put pressure on them to include good women’s porn movies and sex toys. So here’s the result:
Ms Naughty’s Gamelink Store – Gamelink really came to the party when I asked for a good co-branded site. This one lists all the best women’s porn movies. Adult films are Gamelink’s specialty and they offer them in all kinds of formats – VOD, downloads, streaming and simple DVD. Also heaps of sex toys.
Ms Naughty Hot Movies Theatre – My co-branded theatre with Hot Movies. This is a massive video on demand/streaming rental site. Large selection of films, good categories too.
Ms Naughty AEBN Theatre – Video On Demand is what these guys do best. They’ve got all the City of Flesh and Playgirl movies and they add heaps more all the time.
Online Adult Stores For Women
This is my list of top quality adult sites that cater specifically to women.
Good Vibrations – The legendary San Francisco adult site for women is now online and bursting with quality movies and sex toys. Great reviews and articles as well.
Babeland – I’ve long been a fan of Babeland. They don’t have an enormous range of DVDs but they do stock movies you can’t get anywhere else. They’re also very queer-friendly and the staff review all the sex toys and films.
Femplay Australia – Gotta give a thumbs up to these local gals who have a top quality women’s site happening. They also stock the unusual silicone vibrators by Downunder Toys which are hard to find elsewhere.
Bliss For Women – A fellow Australian woman runs this site and she originally opened her Bliss for Women store fifteen years ago.
JT’s Stockroom – This site is not just for women but it has a female friendly vibe amid all the kinky toys. A great place for fetish stuff and unusual, top quality items.
DVice – Australian and NZ maker of great vibrators.

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