These affy drawn chicks crave

These affy drawn chicks crave

These affy drawn chicks crave

These affy drawn chicks crave more than just one cock! They’ll need up to three dicks to service their every affy desire. Watch as these cute diminutive chicks take on up to three monstrous dicks at a time…
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I love all age play and incest phone sex fantasies, but one of the most fun are the impregnation phone sex calls. That’s where I get to practice making a baby with daddy!
We aren’t really going to make a baby – but daddy says I need to learn how so that I can have a baby when I’m older. All little girls want to be a mommy when they grow up!
I almost chickened out the first time daddy pulled out his fat baby-maker and I saw how big it was. But daddy said my little hole would stretch. After all, it stretches when mommies have babies, right? And babies are wayyy bigger than daddy’s penis, silly!
Even though I’m not old enough yet, I still hope that daddy makes me pregnant. He said I’m already the prettiest little girl in the world, but he can’t help thinking how cute he thought I would look running around the house with my little tummy all swollen up and milk in my little girl breasts! *giggle*
Truthfully, I don’t really care if daddy impregnates his little girl or not. All I really want is for daddy to fuck my tight little pussy! Daddy has the best load of hot cum and it makes me all sticky.
You can be my daddy and call me for impregnation phone sex, or any other naughty age play or incest roleplay. I’m up for anything!
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September 30th 2021 – Welcome

September 30th 2021 – Welcome to the new design!
It’s been a long time coming. With the new Gallery, and now New Site design , we’re trying our best to reinvigorate TJA.
We’ve welcomed a number of new artists , and made the site easier to navigate. If you have any ideas, or bug reports,
feel free to post about them in the forum, or on our discord! Thanks for sticking with us, and a huge thanks to those that
help support us on the various sites that you do!
Posted by: cheetah
June 20th 2020 – Forum update and gallery updates
The forum had officially been updated to the most recent version. This will hopefully eliminate the issues users were having. With that update we are finally off any legacy php or sql which should also help with security . I’ll be making sure to force the site to start using it’s ssl cert as well aka https . The galleries now have sorting options when you edit the folder they’re in. We’ve also extended file name displays. If you have any requests be sure to join the discord and post in the big/request channel.
Posted by: cheetah
June 18th 2020 – Gallery updates coming, bugs squashed!
Thanks to some great work by artists and iratu, some of the initial bugs have already been squashed. We’re working on some great additions to the gallery software, by we, I mean Iratu 😛 Such as sorting options , password recovery, comment notifications, and more. I’d like to welcome some of the old artists that have returned, as well as the new artists joining on to the galleries as of late. If you’d like to join the TJA Galleries, to join our discord from the menu bar up top, and get ahold of me (cheetah) once your in there , so we can get your account upgraded to a posting/artists account! Hope to see you all soon!
Posted by: cheetah
June 12th 2020 – New Engine / Site
Hello all,
I’ve made this new engine it’s mostly background stuff that had to be changed since the old engine didn’t support PHP7.x this new one -should- be future proof. I will be working on updating and fixing the site slowly. I would like it if you could send any bugs my way or tell Cheetah about them so I can fix it.
My Discord: Iratu#6957 or join the JAB discord server ( and look for me there 🙂
Posted by: Iratu

November 18, 2021

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