This is where I play,

This is where I play,

This is where I play,

This is where I play, document, fantasize, bitch, laugh and cry. These is about what is going on in my world. You are welcome to walk through and explore. You are invited to leave comments and ask questions should the notion strike you. You should be warned that I am an adult, I have adult ideas and thoughts, therefore this isn’t a place for the underage, nor those with delicate sensibilities. In most respects I lead a normal, almost boring life. In others … eh, not so much so. Curiosity is fine. Disagreement is fine. Condemnation is unacceptable. If you are going to be judgmental, take it elsewhere. I’m not interested.

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Hullo, kids. Day 35 of

Hullo, kids.
Day 35 of silence has come and gone. I’m starting to think that it’s never going to end.
To be somewhat on topic, and to clue you in on the mystery a bit, have you ever had someone you were very close to ask you to be their boyfriend or girlfriend? And were they also the same sex as you? And when you gave them your honest and loving answer, did they desert you?
Le sigh.
Maybe some day I’ll stop counting. And maybe some day I won’t need to anymore… but I may not hold out hope for that. Next Sunday will mark the 6th week of silence, so you might get a break from this mystery (although it may not be one anymore) count lol. Ick. But I’ll be thinking about it.
In slightly better news, I’m contemplating on buying a new pair of panties. If you know me at all, you know how much I cherish my rather extensive collection of them. However, I’ve never made an announcement about buying just one pair before I’ve actually bought it, I don’t believe. I have good reason to now, though LOL. If you take a little peek at my blogroll, you might spot the Easily Aroused link. (Now before you get all click-happy, I’ll warn you, it’s not safe for work… but neither is this blog, so this warning may be superfluous LOL.) At any rate, if you’re looking for something to distract you from the monotony of real life and hope it involves spanking, the ripping of various items of clothing, hot lesbian sex, hot hetero sex, naughty wives, naughty husbands, and the occasional pair of thigh highs, then I sincerely suggest you check out his exceptionally well written blog lol. If you’re not, on the other hand, then you might actually be in the wrong blog already LOL. Anyway, he has an understandably sizable fan base, and he’s looking for ways to earn money to help him keep the site alive… and the way he’s proposed to do so is through panties. I’ll be ordering a pair in a move of eternal gratitude lol, and if you know me well enough to know how much I love panties, then you know me well enough to bet that you’re going to see pictures of them when they arrive.
This, of course, banks on the hope that my parents don’t get to the package before I do. Being the Nazi soldiers that they are, they open all of my mail… including packages. And finding a white thong with “Easily Aroused” plastered on it inside a box with their 20-year-old daughter’s name on it might bring said 20-year-old daughter a little bit of trouble LOL.
Ooohh, what I won’t do for panties.
We’ll see, kids. And if you want a preview, assuming all goes well, you may be seeing me wearing these sometime this week.
I’ll let you know how the ordering goes. I don’t plan to do it until tomorrow night so that they arrive when I’m home all day… or so that they can arrive safely at a friend’s house. I haven’t called and asked about it yet, but that may be the direction I try for, since I’m seeing said friend on Friday night so we can cream our panties over Johnny Depp and how much damage we could do to that lovely little pirate outfit, should we decide to rip it off of him.
Think he’ll like my new panties?
Night night for now, kids. Sweet dreams of panties… and the removal thereof.

November 17, 2021

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