This twerp had barely turned

This twerp had barely turned

This twerp had barely turned

This twerp had barely turned 18 when he got into serious trouble. Young people these days, with their sense of entitlement and complete lack of household discipline growing up, have their heads messed up at the outset, and it’s a shame. Of course it doesn’t help that precious brain cells get destroyed in the process of all these high-schoolers lazing around “recreating” and doing anything other than finding something productive to do. Having only been in the House just shy of a week, he had already managed to piss off all the Managers, primarily because he thinks everything is funny. Unable to take anything seriously, not thinking about his future nor the consequences of his actions, Einstein here thinks he has it made, and that when he is finished with his recovery he can just go back to his buddies’ couch and play video games, making just enough money to smoke and eat some wretched microwave food the rest of his life. Well, we had had enough, and I could think of nothing more fun than turning this little shithead into a complete bitch. If he wants to play the game, he’s going to have to suffer the repercussions. We left him alone tied up for a while to think about it, but when we returned he still had that fucking smirk on his face. I’m sure he knew there would be some cock involved – I’m sure everyone who isn’t brain dead has a clue about that. Somehow, however, in his mind he probably thought it would be no biggie – that he would pay his dues and get off with a slap on the wrist. To put it mildly, he definitely had another thing coming to him. From the minute he had a cock in his mouth, we were trying extra hard to shove it as far down his throat as possible. The guy had tears streaming down both cheeks by the time we were ten minutes into it. So much for happy-go-lucky. When my attention turned to his hole you could really start to see in his eyes that the gears had started to turn in his head. You know the type: This kid is suposedly straight, but even if he were gay he’d be the kind of guy who would let you stick a quarter of your dick in and then complain that it hurt too much and insist on stopping. Luckily for us, he didn’t have that luxury. Half an hour of getting his virgin hole pried open by both of us managers had him bruising for sure! If the throat fucking and spitting on him wasn’t degrading enough, the ass-to-mouth and relentless dick-down came close. And to finish it off he got a load of jizz on his ass and squeezed up into his freshly fucked hole. Lying there in shock, with cum all over his asshole, he sure didn’t have a smile on his face anymore – and that was exactly our intention. From now on he will keep his eyes down and focus on getting better.

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Here is one of those

Here is one of those cases when you can say for sure that the offspring are worth their parents! This family of four decides to spend an evening together and… Guess what it all leads to?
Right you are – it all ends up with a sizzling hot incest orgy!

November 18, 2021

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