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WARNING – This site is

WARNING – This site is

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Track Followers Google Analytics Sign

Track Followers
Google Analytics
Sign in to Tumblr. Snap your profile picture close to the upper left corner of the Dashboard. Your public Tumblr page opens. Duplicate the URL that shows up in your program’s location box at the highest point of your program. This is the URL to your public Tumblr page.
Open another program tab and go to the Google Analytics page. Snap “Access Analytics.” If you don’t have a Google ID, the site will request that you make one. Snap “Join Now,” adhere to the sign-up directions and re-visitation of the Google Analytics page.
Sign in to Google Analytics after you’ve made a record. Snap the “Join” catch, and type the name you might want to use for your record in the “Record Name” text box. Glue the URL for your Tumblr webpage into the “Site’s URL” text box.
Round out the remainder of the data on the page and snap “Make Account.” Your Google Analytics page opens. Duplicate the JavaScript code that shows up in “Segment 2” of the page.
Add Tracking Code
Re-visitation of your Tumblr’s Dashboard. Snap your blog name situated in the page’s upper right corner, at that point click “Tweak Appearance.”
Glue the Google Analytics code into the “Portrayal” box and snap “Spare.” If you don’t see a “Depiction” box, click “Alter HTML” to see the HTML proofreader, and glue your code before the “” label that shows up in the manager.
Open your Google Analytics page and snap the “Spare” button at the base. Snap the “Dashboards” tab at the highest point of the page. Google Analytics shows your dashboard page. The quantity of visits to your Tumblr blog will show up on that page.
What people are saying…
“Follower Counter is amazing. I’ve been using it to track a lot of accounts”.

November 14, 2021

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