Welcome! Indigo Lush is a

Welcome! Indigo Lush is a

Welcome! Indigo Lush is a

Indigo Lush is a small production company working to make quality erotic films for straight women as well as unusual or amusing short films dealing with female sexuality.
“Porn, erotica, art… call it what you like,” says director Ms Naughty. “My aim is to present sex in a realistic and sensual way. I want to give priority to the female gaze in my films…”
Indigo Lush is a small production company working to make quality erotic films for straight women as well as unusual or amusing short films dealing with female sexuality.
“Porn, erotica, art… call it what you like,” says director Ms Naughty. “My aim is to present sex in a realistic and sensual way. I want to give priority to the female gaze in my films…”

As a rule, I normally

As a rule, I normally have never gone for “the backwoods country, redneck” type of woman. “So what did I have against redneck women,” you may be asking? Well nothing really, I guess you could chalk it up to my upbringing.
Being from the big city had always fancied myself going after the “sophisticated” and educated “women of the world,” some one who had culture and class, and seeing that I was a successful business person myself, I wanted someone of whom I thought was of equal caliber with me.
However, if you were to ask me which one I would choose today, I would have to tell you that without a doubt or any hesitation that I would definitely choose a simple redneck woman, hands down. “So why the sudden turn around” you may be asking yourself, well once you have tasted “pure homegrown sugar cane,” no substitute will do.
I guess you could say it all began about a couple of years ago when I was asked by my company to oversee the development and bringing online of an engine manufacturing plant for an overseas car company in small southern town some where in what is known as the “old south.” What I thought would be 12-15 month commitment at the most turned out to be a life changing move but I have never regretted it
At first I must confess that being a big city fellow, I had my preconceptions of small southern towns you all know the well known stereotypes, well I had my share, but seeing that my I had to be the Plant Operations Manager and it was my responsibility to train the employees, I figured I best put aside my prejudices, at least while working.
I arrived in the early winter and found myself immediately a fish out of water. They spotted me and instantly had me pegged as the “city boy” and sometimes I even got kidded and called “City Slicker” or “danged Yankee.”
I managed to make friends with some of the locals and a couple of the guys I worked with decided that they were going to “make a southern boy out of me yet” and did there best to honestly and without deceit to “show me the ropes” as it were.
It would also be during these first few weeks that I would see “Raylene,” the southern woman who would rock my world but I would just see her around in the office seeing that she worked in bookkeeping and since I was so busy the first eight-nine months, I rarely had any time for anything but work eat and sleep.
I was on my stomach. My tongue nestled in Georgie’s ass crack as she also lay on her stomach on the bed in front of me. She was sucking Chas’s cock – her husband. Behind her, I was slowly moistening her anus, in preparation for what I was about to give her. Around my waist was my new blue jelly dong, complete with the strap on attachment that would allow me to fuck my best friend in the ass. Behind me, my ex-boss Al was wanking his fat cock knowing that the moment I started fucking my best friend in the ass, he would shove his cock into my hungry cunt, completing a horny chain that was being filmed by Steve, my husband.
For those of you who are reading this and haven’t read any of my other stories, I guess I should explain!
My name is Dee, and I am a married woman who likes to ‘play’. I am 42, still in good shape, with long legs, nice boobies and blonde hair. Most guys say my ass is me best feature, but I think it is my eyes! I love to stare deeply into a man’s eyes as I suck his cock, letting him know that I want him to cum in my mouth. Oh shit, I am digressing again.
Georgie is my best friend, and occasional lover. She is a buxom brunette, with an incredible talented mouth, able to quickly pleasure men or women.
Chas is Georgie’s husband, and he is also a real deviate, responsible for my initial venture into the world of extra-marital sexual adventures. He is a little short, somewhat tubby, but loves to eat pussy and has made me cum purely with his tongue many, many times.
Al is my ex-boss. I started working for Al many years ago as a real estate agent. He is now 63, but still a randy old bugger, and when we get together, we always end up doing something naughty!
Lastly, Steve is my husband. He and I have been married for years, having met in high school. We have a great relationship, and enjoy turning each other on with the help of additional sex partners. Unlike me, he is purely heterosexual, and likes best to watch me play up, take some photos, shoot some video for posterity’s sake, then fuck the shit out of me too!
Julie knocked on the door as if not wanting to break it. This was somewhat pointless as she was the only person left in the donut shop. She and the person on the other side of the door, that is.
“Come on in,” the person’s voice rang out.
Julie opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her. The click of the lock as she depressed it in the doorknob seemed deafening to her in the otherwise quiet office. Jim Thornton looked up from the paperwork on his desk.
He gazed at Julie, who was dressed in a buttoned white shirt and schoolgirl-like short plaid skirt, holding a donut bag. She was nineteen, with a faultless body and thick, layered brunette hair that didn’t quite make it to her shoulders.
“Hi, Julie,” Jim said. The thirty-year-old manager of the shop put down his pen and smiled.
“Hi. Sorry if I interrupted anything,” she said shyly.
“Of course not,” Jim assured her. “Have a seat.”
The manager’s small office consisted of a couch, two chairs, a desk and filing cabinets. Jim watched Julie walk towards him, her skirt shifting back and forth. She sat in the chair in front of Jim’s desk, crossing her long legs and letting the skirt ride far up her thighs. She placed the bag on the floor next to her.
“What’s up?” the manager asked her.
Julie hesitated, taking in a deep breath and slowly running the fingers of one hand over her top leg, from the bottom of her skirt to her knee.
“I’m thinking of moving out of the dorm into an apartment,” she said. She was a Junior at a local college, working her way through school with various jobs at places whose hours didn’t interfere with her classes.
“Great,” Jim said enthusiastically, then paused. “And you need more money.”
Julie looked at him sheepishly, before a serious look crept over her face.
“I can’t believe how much they want for rent. And the down payment is…,” she began to say.
“I know,” Jim interrupted.
He looked at her for a moment. She had worked for him for almost a year, asking one other time for a raise. In that instance, she had used her body to “influence” his decision. He had privately hoped for another request from her ever since.
Jim looked at the donut bag next to her.
“Are you taking home a snack?” he asked.
Julie’s eyes fell to the bag and back to her boss.
“No. It’s for you…us,” she replied.
Jim needed no explanation. She had brought a bag with her last time, also. This time he knew what to do. He stood and walked around the desk, moving behind Julie’s chair. She watched his athletic body until it disappeared behind her. A shiver went down her spine in anticipation.
“So, you brought me a donut,” Jim said softly. “And you’d like to share.”
Julie nodded silently.
At lunch time I nipped into Contessa on the High Street. The low cut black dress I was to wear to that evening’s party tucked in my hand bag. The dress was a lovely fit, but all my bras peaked out the top of it, so it called for something new.
In Contessa I grabbed a couple of likely looking bras and headed into the fitting room. Anticipating the fun to be had later, I absently ran my finger tips over my breasts as I unbuttoned my tight white shirt – shrugging it off and dropping it on the chair provided. Reaching round I unhooked the white sheer chiffon bra I was wearing and dropped it on top of my shirt. I pushed my short skirt over my hips and kicked it away. The air on my skin felt soothing. In a playful mood I pinched my nipples till they hardened.
Turning, I checked myself in the full-length mirror. I like the look of stockings and suspenders. I adjusted my thong on my hips, then reached for the first bra. When I slid the dress on, it showed. So did the next one. The last of my selection did not show, but pinched a bit at my back.
Sighing, I pulled the store’s blue silky robe on and stuck my head out of the curtain. There did not seem to be anyone around, except a guy in a suit by the counter.
”Excuse me, are you staff? I need some help in here,” I said. Trying to keep the robe closed with one hand and the curtain tight to me with the other, I missed the slow smile that spread over his face, as he said, ”Yes. Yes, I’m staff. My name’s Kie, how may I help you?”
As he walked over to the curtain, I whispered, ”Well, Kie, I need some help – is there a female assistant available?”
Kie laughed, and said, ”These days, Madam, guys are allowed equal opportunities.”
”Oh,…ok.” I pulled the curtain aside to let him into the fitting room, and totally missed the assistant, as she walked back into the shop from the stock room. Quite a bit taller than me, Kie smiled down, ”How may I help?”
”Um, the bra I’m trying pinches and I need you to, er, I need the straps adjusting,” I stammered, blushing.
”Ok. Just slip the robe off, turn around, and I’ll see what I can do.”
I turned to face the mirror, let the robe fall and closed my eyes. My blush spread over my chest. The bra was a quarter cup in black satin. The cups hugged the sides and bottom of my breasts, acting as a platform. It left the rest of the breast naked, including my still hard nipples.
Thirteen years ago, I voyeuristically watched my soon-to-be wife get plowed by my roommate at the time, with his 10-inch cock. It was remarkable to watch the look on her face and the way she got into his big dick. She never knew I saw the session with Frank and I never brought it up. It fulfilled a fantasy of mine at the time and one that I carried for the last 12 years of our marriage.
Occasionally during sex over the years, I’ve brought up the notion of having sex with a well-hung man. Mary always tells me that I’m fine and wants to leave it at that. I’m 6 inches and decent thickness. She doesn’t know that I remember her screams and her face while taking Frank’s size.
Mary’s now forty. She’s in very good shape, about 5′ 6″, 135 pounds. She has 34c breasts, good stomach, nice legs and a great 40 or 42 inch ass that’s still firm. I can still picture Frank taking her from behind with his big dick. One of my best stroking fantasies!
Last year we bought 2 acres and a cabin up in the mountains not far from our house. It’s in a nice community of people that live there permanently or use it for vacations. We built a nice house with a great family room and rec room that leads out to a spa in the back yard. What a great place to watch the stars, drink wine and fool around.
Our neighbors include a pilot, Jim and his wife Marcia, both in their late 40s. They have no children but wanted some badly. They enjoy coming over when we have the family at the cabin. Both of them are in great shape. Jim’s about 6′ and very athletic. Marcia’s about 5′ 4″ and stacked. She must have at least D cups.
We got the spa going a couple of months ago. After spending a hectic day with the children we called Jim and Marcia over to enjoy some wine and the stars with us. We put the children in bed, fired up the spa and uncorked a nice wine. Mary and I were in the spa when they came over. Wow, were they a gorgeous couple.
Marcia took off her t-shirt and her shorts and was in a bikini. What a body. I must have been gawking because Mary gave me a little pat under the water. Jim took off his t-shirt and was in excellent shape. Great abs, lean. He was also in nylon gym shorts and you could see the outline of a large package. I’m sure that both Mary and I gawked at him.
Well the water was hot, the wine was flowing, the cuddling was close and the talk went from the day’s activities to kids. Marcia admitted that they had tried to have kids but she was infertile. Even so, she commented that the two of them had sex all the time while trying and that Jim’s size always got her motivated. That brought a blush from Mary, Jim and me.
I got a raging hard on thinking of Marcia taking a big cock. Well, Jim must have thought the same. He and Marcia said that they had to go. When he got up from the tub, I could see that club of his hanging down under his shorts. Damn was it thick and long. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mary staring at his crotch. He quickly got a towel around himself and left with Marcia.
Mary commented on how attractive they were as a couple. I took the opportunity to start our foreplay and try to have sex with her. Mary felt my hard on, but said that she couldn’t have sex there with the kids upstairs. She did give me a hand job; kidding me that it was probably Marcia’s big tits that made me like that. Little did she know it was the fantasy of her doing Jim that got me in that state!
A few weeks ago, Mary said that she was going up to the cabin for the weekend to finish some decorating. I was going to do the bus driving duty for the weekend, taking the kids to their various events. Fortunately the kids got invited to a couple of sleepover parties. That gave me the opportunity to head up to the cabin on Saturday to meet Mary. I called the cabin a couple of times and got no answer. I dropped off the kids around dinnertime and headed up to the mountains.
As I drove to the cabin, I passed Jim and Marcia’s house and saw lights on. Good, I thought. I could invite them over for another bottle of wine. I got to our house and went into our bedroom to drop off my clothes. I could see the lights on in our backyard and heard the spa going. I went to the window to look out and saw an open bottle of wine, Jim on the edge of the spa with his shorts down and Mary in the spa with her top down, sucking the biggest dick I’ve seen on a man in 13 years!!!
Jim was leaning back, letting Mary feast on what had to be 9 or 10 inches of thick dick. Mary was using both hands to suck him in. I could see that she was stretching her mouth around the shaft. I pulled back from the window in order to enjoy the show and dropped my own shorts. Mary pulled her mouth of Jim’s cock, but kept stroking it. I heard her tell him how large it was. She also told him that it was 3 or 4 inches longer than and much thicker than mine. I also heard her say that hadn’t had a cock like his in a long time and missed it. Damn, Frank did change her!
Jim told Mary that it was all hers for the night any way she wanted it and that he was really turned on by her big ass. Mary just cooed and went back to sucking his cock.
She then got up out of the spa and took off her suit. Frank pulled his legs out and laid back, his big dick standing upright. There was my wife, nipples hard, body slick, positioning herself over his fat cock. She took his cock in her hand and started lowering herself onto it. What a sight. Watching her taking in more of it got me hard as iron. And god, what a mouth she had. “Damn, your so fucking big, Jim.” “God, I need your big dick in me”. There she was, impaled, head rolling back, Jim squeezing her tits, telling her to ride him hard.
Mary exploded in a huge orgasm while riding up and down on Jim. He had his hands on her hips driving her down even harder. They went on like this for a few minutes, and then Jim told her to get on her knees. Mary eagerly complied. She got on her knees and elbows and ass up for Jim. He positioned himself behind her and drove it home in one powerful stroke. The “OMGs” started from Mary immediately. Jim was pistoning his dick into Mary. She was pushing back on each of his thrusts.
Then, Jim stopped. I heard him ask Mary about doing it the way Marcia would do it for him. I saw her look back and tell him that she couldn’t possibly take it, that she never did it with me, but wanted to feel his dick there. Jim reached for a bottle of body oil at our spa. I saw him oil up his big dick and couldn’t believe that he was about to fuck my sweet wife’s ass with that monster cock. Mary helped him lube his shaft then turned back to him presenting her ass to him.
I could see him easing the head of his dick into her ass. I couldn’t believe my wife could take that cock there. I heard her starting to moan as Jim gently eased more cock into her ass. He got half his cock in her. Mary was telling him how good it felt. Then she went nuts, telling him to fuck her ass. Telling him how good his big cock felt in her ass. Telling him that she needed his whole cock in her. And he complied completely. Over and over again she was telling him to fuck her ass with his big cock. Damn, I finally came as hard as I ever had.
I could hear Jim tell her that he was also about to cum. Mary was telling him to “cum for me, baby”. He pulled that cock out of her ass, slid it up and down her ass crack, and then came in huge amounts all over her ass and back. What a sight.
I let them get themselves together a little while. I then went to the front door, opened and closed it loudly and called Mary’s name. I went around the house turning on some lights then headed downstairs. By then, both of them were back in the spa, sipping wine. I shook Jim’s hand and asked to have Marcia join us. He declined saying that he just stopped over for a bit and had to get going. He thanked Mary and I for the wine and said goodbye.
I asked Mary how things were going. She said fine, that Jim stopped by to help her unload curtains and stayed just a little bit. We had a little more wine and then Mary excused herself saying that she was tired. I said I understood, kissed her good night, and then had another great stroking session thinking of my wife, Jim and her lust for large cock.

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