Who likes age play phone

Who likes age play phone

Who likes age play phone

Who likes age play phone sex? Me! I do!! I love being daddy’s little age play baby girl – and all my phone daddies want a little age play slut just like me to play out all their little underage girl fantasies.
What’s not to love about having your own baby girl who loves nothing more than pleasing daddy? And I know just what makes daddy happy too!
In case you don’t know, ageplay is where I get to pretend that I’m much younger than I really am. I have a very young voice and no limits, so I’m good with playing any age you want – even very little!
Some daddies are embarrassed to tell me what age they want me to play, but they shouldn’t be. I know it’s all just pretend. I think because age play fantasies are so taboo, is why they are so popular.
What would you want to do with your little ageplay girl, daddy? Would you want me to be your sweet and innocent young girl and teach me everything I need to know? Show me how to wrap my hands around daddy’s big pedo cock and stroke it up and down.
Or would you prefer a curious young teen who can’t wait to learn all about sex? You can pop my cherry and give your little girl her first orgasm!
Maybe you just want a little slut who seduces daddy. I can crawl into daddy’s bed after mommy leaves and give daddy a good morning surprise!
Whatever you ageplay phone sex fantasy may be – choose me to play the little girl role. You won’t be disappointed!
1-888-243-7369 Ext 125
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We all had friends with hot sisters. Catie Minx would have made one hell of a best friend’s sis. She has a spunky attitude and it is as if she doesn’t even know how hot she truly is. Perfect attributes for a teen crush.
Having her invite you into her bathroom to watch her take a shower would be the ultimate boyhood fantasy come true. But what if she didn’t just shave her legs and bikini line? What if she gave you the entire show? What if you got to watch her using the shower massager for uses not included in the documentation? That would surely put this fantasy over the top.
But why stop there? What if she stuck her fingers in her ass and begged you to make her crawl the walls? Would you do it?
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Girls that are slightly off kilter are the best when it comes to sex. I dated two girls of this nature back in high school and they always went a little bit too far when it comes to doing all things sexual. This video of Catie Minx masturbating with a bottle really brings me back to a situation I had with one of the girls.
This girl I was dating called me up one day after school and she sounded as scared as shit. She didn’t want to say what was wrong with her over the phone. She just wanted me to rush on over.
On the way so many things went through my head. Did she get pregnant? Did her parents catch us fucking in their bed on a nanny cam? Was her dad touching her? What???
When I get there she yells out her window to go into the house and come to her room. I bust up the stairs and open her door and… there she is on her bed with this look of utter fear on her face. As I scan down her body I can see her hardened nipples on the tips of her perky young tits. My boner starts getting happy. I keep going passed her tight stomach to her pussy and there is something in it. She got a bottle stuck in her pussy!
This happens when a girl fucks a bottle and her pussy sucks air out of the bottle on the out stroke and then farts out the air on the in stroke. Now she has a vacuum in her pussy that won’t release the bottle.
She was fucking a Coke bottle so it wasn’t very long. Almost the entire thing was up her vagina. Had it been a bigger bottle I would have just broke the bottom off. I went to her garage and found her dads drill set. After about three minutes of drilling I finally bore a hold into the fucking bottle and got it out of her pussy. It was filled with her fluids.
At this point most girls would be too freaked out to fuck, but this girl was one in a million when it came to sex. We ended up fucking for about two hours before she wanted to sixty-nine with my fucking her with the bottle while she sucked my cock.
I figured, what the hell, right? I get a blowjob and she now has her first homemade glass dildo!
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It has been relayed to me that if a girl eats a lot of fruit like strawberries and pineapples her pussy will taste tangy and sweet. I have to agree. My GF used to eat lots of fruit when I first met her and her pussy was yummy. Then she got into a Mexican cuisine kick and her pussy started tasting bland. So I started making fresh summer salsas with mango, corn, tomatoes… It was super sweet compared to normal salsas. Her pussy tasted divine after she ate it and I ate her. After bringing this to my girlfriends attention she informed me that it goes both ways. When I eat lots of fresh fruits my sperm tastes like candy. When I don’t it tastes salty and smells bland. Go figure!
So here is to Catie Minx eating a plate of fresh fruit. I bet her pussy is going to taste like a piece of cake with a side of ice cream. My GF doesn’t mind me looking at Catie because she is into Catie as well. Sometimes she sits on me facing the computer and rides me while we watch her videos. My GF is a nerd as well. We are like one big nerdy happy family.
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This site is packed with

This site is packed with high quality latex fetish videos and photo shoots. You’ll see all kinds of action as these horny people have so much fun while constantly in their latex fetish gear. We show everything from latex lesbians, latex couples sex to latex worship and domination in latex outfits.
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